Thursday, March 26, 2015

March 23, 2015

Started from the bottom now we here!

Yo friends and fam good?
"Sometimes the most humble thing to say is thank you." - Elder Le Duc responding to a question in Gospel Doctrine

My companion is seriously Joseph Smith reincarnated. Haha or some other doctrinal scholar. Maybe Neil A. Maxwell......well anyways.

This week was "killer". We were for sure humbled by all of our experiences. We had zone conf., church b-ball twice, got farted on by some punk teenagers during a prayer, and had to plan a District Meeting that is tomorrow. All of those things were in some way stressful.....I won't go into details but trust me. OHHHH I will tell you that I broke my finger during basketball though.

So yes, Elder Le Duc got hit by a car last week. We were walking down Midland Ave. ( scary ghetto street where people die on the daily.)  And we were walking with traffic. There really weren't any cars but we were just going that direction. SO as we were walking we hear this car zooming our way going around 45 mph.  And next thing we know it's heading right towards us and it hit Le Duc right on his side and his whole left arm. He broke the windshield and the side mirror.  I was like " HOLY CUSSWORD THAT I SHOULDN'T MENTION IN THIS EMAIL"  and the car screeched to a holt.....the person looked at us then the car then sped off down the street. Not a scratch or bruise on Elder Le Duc.  God is really watching out for us haha.  He is such a good trainee. We get a long SUPER well and he just loves life.

Church is true people. If you don't think so I will take it but just know that you're wrong and I hate you for that. JK.

Love you all:)

With sincerity and most humble love,

your boy,

Elder Neus


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