Tuesday, April 14, 2015

March 30, 2015

Bi-sexual banjo player, "We do it for the vine God".

Greetings people I send my emails to!:)

This week should go down in history for one of the craziest weeks ever in missionary work.  Let's start off our week at Monday: We went to Destiny USA Mall (3rd largest in the country) in North Cuse' and we met the Fulton Sisters and some crazy less-active members that we meet with occasionally.  We walked around for about three hours and then finally went home and weekly planned.

Tuesday:  Had district meeting at around 10:30. I gave a training on Sacrifice and Consecration. IT WAS SO DOPE.  The spirit was super strong and I couldn't believe how much personal revelation I received when preparing for it, let alone during the actual meeting. So as I was studying for it I had the idea to ask the district to go somewhere in the church and to pray and ask Heavenly Father for a specific sacrifice that he wants them to make so that they can be more spiritually in tune and more consecrated. So while they did that I made an "altar" out of hymn books in the breezeway to the front of the church. I had them all write down what their sacrifice was going to be on some paper. So they all handed me their papers and I put them in the altar. I had them all bear testimony on the Atonement of Jesus Christ (the ultimate sacrifice)  and we went out side and burned the papers.IT WAS SO DOPE! Turned out really well.

Wednesday: All I remember was that we gave like 6 people blessings (including the sisters) then went to Funk N' Waffles. Funk N' Waffles is this world famous hipster waffle place on the Syracuse University campus. We went around 6 and when we got there it was comedy night and there was this hipster comedy band called the Buzzkill Poetry Assassins. They were so legit!!!!!! Their first song was appropriately named "Bi-sexual banjo player & your woman".  They said it was based of a true story....lol.  Then we took a bus home and crashed.

Don't have time to finish the rest of the week but just know it was prime.

We probably walked an average of 15 miles a day....
6 months to sexy;)

Elder Le Duc is still a boss and we are getting along great. Love that guy.

I also love all of you. Keep on keepin on. Life is good:)))

Elder Hunter Neus


MMMMMMM bye now

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