Tuesday, April 14, 2015

April 14, 2015

"I will cut your head off if you mess with my family" Homicides, good weather, and snarky tattooed chicks....

YoYoYo wassup friends and fam!?

First off I want to tell you all that I love you and hope you aren't burning to death. This weather here is nuts! It was snowing a few days ago and now its seventy degrees out. WHAT THE FREAK? 

This week was very good. There were transfer calls on Saturday and Elder Le Duc and I have been dreading them since day one. WE ARE HAVING A BLAST!  Good news we are staying together which means Le Duc hasn't got his visa...he's kinda bummed about that.  It will come.  BUT it's all good.  It's been so fun training him!!  He's gonna be an AP in the Netherlands and keep my righteous mission posterity going:)  

We saw some crazy things this week.....I will list them starting from EH to WHAT THE FREAK.

We saw some squirrels.
Saw some deer.
Picked up some investigators that made us bless their haunted home.
Hung out and went teaching with our boy Gyamfi (an illegal refugee member from Africa).
Taught some crazy Cambodians who also fed us and told us if we mess with their family the dad would cut our heads off.
Went to the Zoo.
Hillary Clinton is running for president which means death to America. JK....but.....
And we saw a dead dude. The cops were taking pictures and everything it was awesome!

OH Elder Summers is staying and Elder James is leaving west side. Sad day..... And the sisters are staying the same:)

Once again I love you all:)
Stay righteous  and  keep on keeping on:)

Elder Neus:)


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