Monday, October 28, 2013

Hunter is doing great.  He sent me a few pictures this week and a short email with a promise that a letter was in the mail.  I haven't been good about posting those letters on this blog!  Anyway - he is always upbeat and so positive in all of our communications.  I am so thankful for that! 

I'm not sure why every picture of him that I've gotten has a goofy face - but seriously, that's just Hunter, right?  I'm so glad to see him happy and loving life!  He loves New York and is growing and learning every day. 

Everyone tells me that our family will be blessed by having a missionary out.  That's the general consensus anyway.  A year or so ago a missionary mother in our ward got up to bear her testimony in church and said she was still waiting for her blessings.  At the time Brian and I were both so floored she would say something like that.  How could she NOT see the blessing she had when it was clearly obvious to our family how blessed their family was!  (Her husband wasn't suffering from cancer and worried about dying, etc.).  Anyway, I can tell you all honestly the biggest blessing our family has received from having a missionary out is that our missionary is happy and learning and loving his life serving others.  He is in the best place he can be right now and that's a huge blessing.  He chose to serve the Lord when he had a million excuses to put off going on a mission.  There's your blessing right there!