Tuesday, April 14, 2015

April 14, 2015

"I will cut your head off if you mess with my family" Homicides, good weather, and snarky tattooed chicks....

YoYoYo wassup friends and fam!?

First off I want to tell you all that I love you and hope you aren't burning to death. This weather here is nuts! It was snowing a few days ago and now its seventy degrees out. WHAT THE FREAK? 

This week was very good. There were transfer calls on Saturday and Elder Le Duc and I have been dreading them since day one. WE ARE HAVING A BLAST!  Good news we are staying together which means Le Duc hasn't got his visa...he's kinda bummed about that.  It will come.  BUT it's all good.  It's been so fun training him!!  He's gonna be an AP in the Netherlands and keep my righteous mission posterity going:)  

We saw some crazy things this week.....I will list them starting from EH to WHAT THE FREAK.

We saw some squirrels.
Saw some deer.
Picked up some investigators that made us bless their haunted home.
Hung out and went teaching with our boy Gyamfi (an illegal refugee member from Africa).
Taught some crazy Cambodians who also fed us and told us if we mess with their family the dad would cut our heads off.
Went to the Zoo.
Hillary Clinton is running for president which means death to America. JK....but.....
And we saw a dead dude. The cops were taking pictures and everything it was awesome!

OH Elder Summers is staying and Elder James is leaving west side. Sad day..... And the sisters are staying the same:)

Once again I love you all:)
Stay righteous  and  keep on keeping on:)

Elder Neus:)


April 7, 2015

"Rollin down the street in my six four", Taking the Holy Communion, and "are aliens real?"

Hey everyone! 

I hope everyone is doing okay.  GENERAL CONFERENCE WAS SO GOOD! I learned so much and all of my prayers were answered. If you aren't LDS and you don't know what I am talking about please go to LDS.org and watch Conference.  You'll like it.

We met some dope people this week while walking around downtown Syracuse. Crackheads, meth heads, drunks, prostitutes, human fire hydrants, and a fake Bernie Mac.  If you don't watch SNL you probably don't have a clue what I am talking about. Don't have time to explain. Sorry I didn't email anyone yesterday.....I wasn't feeling good and I was just so out of it. I have a raging cold and I can't think straight. I am still feeling a bit of that so I will make this short. 

We taught hella lessons this week and tried really hard to open up more to the ward. They are kind of strange and don't have a lot of things in common with Le Duc and I.  Pray for us haha.

Well that's all I can muster up right now. Hopefully I can think straight next week and will feel better.

Love you all:)

Elder Neus

mmmmm bye now

March 30, 2015

Bi-sexual banjo player, "We do it for the vine God".

Greetings people I send my emails to!:)

This week should go down in history for one of the craziest weeks ever in missionary work.  Let's start off our week at Monday: We went to Destiny USA Mall (3rd largest in the country) in North Cuse' and we met the Fulton Sisters and some crazy less-active members that we meet with occasionally.  We walked around for about three hours and then finally went home and weekly planned.

Tuesday:  Had district meeting at around 10:30. I gave a training on Sacrifice and Consecration. IT WAS SO DOPE.  The spirit was super strong and I couldn't believe how much personal revelation I received when preparing for it, let alone during the actual meeting. So as I was studying for it I had the idea to ask the district to go somewhere in the church and to pray and ask Heavenly Father for a specific sacrifice that he wants them to make so that they can be more spiritually in tune and more consecrated. So while they did that I made an "altar" out of hymn books in the breezeway to the front of the church. I had them all write down what their sacrifice was going to be on some paper. So they all handed me their papers and I put them in the altar. I had them all bear testimony on the Atonement of Jesus Christ (the ultimate sacrifice)  and we went out side and burned the papers.IT WAS SO DOPE! Turned out really well.

Wednesday: All I remember was that we gave like 6 people blessings (including the sisters) then went to Funk N' Waffles. Funk N' Waffles is this world famous hipster waffle place on the Syracuse University campus. We went around 6 and when we got there it was comedy night and there was this hipster comedy band called the Buzzkill Poetry Assassins. They were so legit!!!!!! Their first song was appropriately named "Bi-sexual banjo player & your woman".  They said it was based of a true story....lol.  Then we took a bus home and crashed.

Don't have time to finish the rest of the week but just know it was prime.

We probably walked an average of 15 miles a day....
6 months to sexy;)

Elder Le Duc is still a boss and we are getting along great. Love that guy.

I also love all of you. Keep on keepin on. Life is good:)))

Elder Hunter Neus


MMMMMMM bye now

Thursday, March 26, 2015

March 23, 2015

Started from the bottom now we here!

Yo friends and fam good?
"Sometimes the most humble thing to say is thank you." - Elder Le Duc responding to a question in Gospel Doctrine

My companion is seriously Joseph Smith reincarnated. Haha or some other doctrinal scholar. Maybe Neil A. Maxwell......well anyways.

This week was "killer". We were for sure humbled by all of our experiences. We had zone conf., church b-ball twice, got farted on by some punk teenagers during a prayer, and had to plan a District Meeting that is tomorrow. All of those things were in some way stressful.....I won't go into details but trust me. OHHHH I will tell you that I broke my finger during basketball though.

So yes, Elder Le Duc got hit by a car last week. We were walking down Midland Ave. ( scary ghetto street where people die on the daily.)  And we were walking with traffic. There really weren't any cars but we were just going that direction. SO as we were walking we hear this car zooming our way going around 45 mph.  And next thing we know it's heading right towards us and it hit Le Duc right on his side and his whole left arm. He broke the windshield and the side mirror.  I was like " HOLY CUSSWORD THAT I SHOULDN'T MENTION IN THIS EMAIL"  and the car screeched to a holt.....the person looked at us then the car then sped off down the street. Not a scratch or bruise on Elder Le Duc.  God is really watching out for us haha.  He is such a good trainee. We get a long SUPER well and he just loves life.

Church is true people. If you don't think so I will take it but just know that you're wrong and I hate you for that. JK.

Love you all:)

With sincerity and most humble love,

your boy,

Elder Neus


March 17, 2015

Blacktism + Hit N' Run = typical week in the Cuse'


This week was a trip! We are having such a blast! 
We have been taking notes in our phone about what goes on in our week in South Side. 
Heres the list....

Jehova witnessed.
Elder Le Duc gets hit by car.
Seven year olds throw gang signs out of school bus.
Doug taught us how to shoot heroine.
Sister Solis gets bold an truthful.
Dino BBQ with sisters.
Frank Sanasis = prison time.
Wily the JW wit attitude and sas.
Veronica lost her V card at eleven and has been a prostitute for 16 years and has never picked up  any diseases.
Dougs dart gun.
BBQ jokes.
Sister Barkza shovels...POOP DAYYY.
Sister Barkza interpretes scriptures......not very good.
Sleep drunk sleepovers.
Pastor Yost baptism commitment.
Boiling water and dumping it in the font.
60 doughnuts for 4$.
Welcome to a baptism.
"Hold on! Can we watch this part of Bridesmaids?"

That is what happened this week. If you get offended by any of that......sorry.  

So yes, we had a baptism this week.  It was pretty hectic. The kid we dunked was nine years old and the baptism itself was super last minute. Elder LeDuc was excited....it was his first so it was kind out of control. He thought the ward would plan it....they didn't. SOOO I had to take control. His brother wanted to dip him so he did. It was so spiritual! In the middle of the talk on baptism I looked at the black board and it said " welcome to a baptism" It was pretty funny. Whoever wrote that obviously forgot Irics name haha.

And yes my companion got hit by a car:)

Elder Hunter Neus

March 9, 2015

All about that Cuse' life.

Well brethren and sister..en.....

What a freakin weird week.

It was hard leaving Troy last Wednesday. I felt like a little part of me died. It was kinda sad. But yeah we left on Wednesday around 10 and made it to Utica around 12 o'clock.  I saw so many missionaries that I have never seen before. I felt so old. Then I saw the sisters that were in my MTC district give their departing testimonies :(  It was a really sad day. 

Anyways Elders Summers and I left a little early and headed for Syracuse and bumped to Mo Tab all the way there. CAN'T WAIT FOR NORMAL MUSIC!!! So we get to the Cuse' and all we see are black people & crack houses. LOVE IT!  We got to the ZL apartment and chilled for a bit before our companions got there and we went through most of their stuff. We sat for like an hour waiting for them.  Then I saw an angel walk through the door. That angels name is Elder LeDuc. He is so chill. It's only his 2nd transfer and he knows the work like the back of his hand. He is waiting for his visa to go to the Netherlands. He speaks Dutch really well and he looks like a politician. He has so much swag. Doesn't really need to be trained.

So our area is like Troy on crack....literally. All of our investigators are black humans (Shout out to Sister Wood) and they all are super solid. They might all have a bunch of problems but that's okay. One of our detectives has had SIX abortions and just went to jail yesterday for getting caught being a prostitute. Pray for her please haha.

We have slammed south side so hard the past couple days. Tomorrow we have all of our day planned out with appointments with people that we ran into the past couple days. We are tearing it up. Oh and district meeting is tomorrow. I will train on happiness and the light of Christ. CAN'T WAIT YO.
Well that's pretty much all folks. The Church is true and the book is blue and Elder Jepsen and I may or may not have kissed each other on the lips on accident @ transfers........

Love you all:)
With love,
Elder Neus

February 3, 2015


Hello hello! 

This week was so hectic! We got transfer calls on Saturday and let's just say they were very bittersweet. 

Turns out I am leaving the Troylet and heading up to Syracuse South Side. I will be the district leader and I will be training a visa waiter:) FREAKING NUTS.

I am gonna miss Elder Day and Troy so much! Its unreal. BUT Elder Summers and I knew we were leaving and we have been praying specifically to either serve with or around each other. It happened. He's gonna be in Syracuse West. Same city, same ward, same district. God really does answer prayers;) 

Syracuse is so legit. It has the second largest mall in the US, one of the best colleges (Syracuse Orange).  It's March Madness too btw, and it's waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay ghetto. HALLELUJAH!

Can't wait:)

Please keep our investigator Roberta in your prayers. She is having a really rough time with smoking:)

I love you all! Keep it real!

Elder Neus