Tuesday, July 29, 2014

July 28, 2014

Well my brothers and sisters this week was the most eventful one of my mission.

Monday night President Wirthlin called us and told me to give the phone to Elder Reyne.  He took the phone and the next thing he said I will never forget, "oh no".  He immediately called his mom.  And then proceeded to talk about his dad with me.  He talked to his mom and found out that his dad's cancer has spread to his brain and he has a few weeks to live.  I can't describe the feelings I had when we found this out.  My heart sank right to my stomach and I (being a baby) started to cry.  Elder Reyne was sooooooo strong.  He didn't cry once.  But I knew he was very distraught.  We called President back and he told us to pack our bags and go visit our investigators and members and tell them that we were leaving.  We had an hour to pack...which freaking sucked!  I have so much pointless crap it's ridiculous.  But we made our way to the zone leader's apartment in Albany.  Then the next morning we took Elder Reyne to the airport.  Let me tell you this....Elder Reyne is such an awesome guy.  He only cares about others and serves with all of his heart.  I wish I was this strong when my dad was going through this.  Please pray for him, his family, and his dad.  I know there was a reason why I was called to Greenville.  We have be struggling the past few weeks with finding new people to teach and I know that the Lord knew this was going to happen.  If we would have picked up anybody we wouldn't be able to teach them and they would have been left alone.  The Lord has His hand in all things.

So everyday this past week I worked with the Zone Leaders and also the Elders in Troy.   I was bounced around  both areas like a beach ball at a Nickelback concert.  I loved it!  I got to work with my brother from another mother, Elder Jepsen.  And I also got to work with Elder Pettet and Elder Dutsin.  It was a blast.  Troy is sooooooo ghetto!  IT'S SWEET!   Black people everywhere!  They sit on the porches and just chill and the people call them porch monkeys.  Idk if that's a racist thing or not but its super funny haha.  It definitely is racist :)  It was fun while it lasted.

SOOOOOO now I'm in Amsterdam in a trio with Elders Free and Snell.....ITS A BLAST. Amsterdam is this ghetto little city near Albany.  And 90% of the population is from Puerto Rico:)  It's crazy.  It's like I'm in Mexico.  Except the other ten percent of the place is black.  I love it!  People are so humble here.  I don't know if I will stay here next transfer but I will find out on Saturday from President Wirthlin..but hopefully I will stay here a while. Who knows....

Yeah, I'm stressed out of my mind but I know that I am needed wherever I go.  Heavenly Father knows all and puts me where I can help out the most.  I'm a little short on time but I want to testify to you all that I know that this work is hastening and that this church is true.  God hears and answers our prayers no matter what.  The most we can do for him is to serve others and submit our will to his.

I love all of you and I keep you in my prayers.  Thank you for your support and love.  Keep it real and know that the church is true, the book is blue, and this crazy lady next to me smells like urine.

Elder Hunter Neus

MMMMMMMBYE nooooowwww

Sunday, July 27, 2014

July 21, 2014


What is up my friends/family? I hope you are all enjoying the dry heat because it felt like the amazon here in NY. Shoot me right in the face.

This week kinda sucked...actually IT FREAKIN SUCKED!!! Nothing happened...it was just one of those weeks where you have no motivation and you put all of your trust in the Lord and you come up short. It was a real bummer. Greenville is so dead its ridiculous! All we can do is tract...anddddd it gets real old real fast...but oh well. This week will turn around.:) I can't really complain. There are areas all over the world that are probably way more burnt out than this one.

So on a good note Saturday we went all the way across the river to Hudson. We needed an oil change really bad and thought it would be a good idea to say what's up to our boys in H-town. They were in  Catskill so we broke into their apartment;) hehe:) SOOOO...their apartment was a FLIPPING DISASTER...so grody. I wanted to throw up. Not really..but it was bad. So Elder Reyne and I cleaned for about an hour and made it look real nice then went to Taco Bell..that was a big mistake...Idk Taco Bells in NY are way more gross than the ones in Arizona...probably because the Mexicans make it more authentic. I don't know. So yeah back to the story. After Taco smell we went back to their apartment so we can scare them...and they were home..yeah lame. Cool story huh? naht.

Yeah this week was very uneventful. I tried to scare Elder Reyne as much as possible to lift our spirits. Didn't work that well. He is so sneaky and knows when I'm gonna get em. I even hid under his bed last night and he knew I was there. Bless his  sweet sweet heart. I love this guy.

Have a good one this week. Take it sleazy. And choose the right no matter what:)
The Church is true, the book is blue, and Elder Reyne might kill me;)

Elder Hunter Neus


PS: Keep Elder Reyne and his dad in your prayers. Thank you:)

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

July 14, 2014

YO YO YO whaddup Mesa!

"It was the best of times it was the worst of times".
"If you want to die come to Greenville".

Those quotes were both from the branch president. There was a sister that had a heart attack at church yesterday and he chose to say that when the ambulance left and took her to Albany. Lets just say this isn't the most optimistic branch in the church. Haha yeah....

So this week nothing really happened. Except we went to Albany for Zone Conference:) It was so sweet! I saw a bunch of my brothas I haven't seen since Vietnam it seems like. Sweet sweet Elder Jepsen was there oh yeah and Elder Pettet. It was good to see them. President Wirthlin finally got my name right...he has said my name wrong since I came to New York. "Elder Noise".  He gets almost everyone's name wrong. Even one of the AP's haha. Oh well...

Elder Reyne is doing well.  I have really been working hard on getting him to talk to people. He is just really shy. But he is so awesome. I love him so much and just want him to be successful. He has had a pretty hard life. His dad is suffering with cancer and I think it's hit Elder Reyne pretty hard. His Dad is such a cool dude! I give him so much credit for coming on a mission and serving the Lord and really giving his whole heart to the work. It takes a lot. I KNOW Heavenly Father sent me here to buoy him up when he is down and to give him support. I know exactly what he is going through.

Please pray for his dad and for him. THANK YOU

This week was pretty slow. We didn't find any new investigators but we did a butt ton of service. Which was great:)

Well I want you all to know that our Heavenly Father loves us so much and sometimes we don't know why he gives us these trials but I do know that he knows all and knows what will make us stronger through our faith and obedience to his commandments.

Choose the Right and keep the swag mature. The church is true, the book is blue, and Elder Reyne's sister is pretty cute..what? haha

Elder Hunter Neus
mmmm bye nowww 

July 7, 2014

Birthday, fireworks, killer German shepherds, and black Jesus.

Yo Yo Yo what up Arizona and probably some other places around the world!?

This week was AMA ZA ZING! Greenville is on FIRE! well almost...We didn't have a ton of lessons but we found some sweet sweet people:)  And we definitely saw some miracles!:)

My birthday was this week! I turned the big 19. HOLY CRAP! Time seriously flies. We had a good birthday party after district meeting. The Jensons are so awesome! They do so much for us. Its kinda cool having a birthday on your mission. The whole day was just so fun.  I love Elder Reyne to death. Once he got out of his shell we just instantly hit it off. I push him to the limit sometimes but that's what makes it fun. He is super skidish! So one night this week our bedroom light just randomly started glitching out and looked super creepy. So Elder Rayne was in the bathroom and didn't know about it. So I turned all of the lights off except that one and just started knocking quietly on the bathroom door. He was something like" what do you want?" " HELLO?" So he got done and opened the door and saw me with a terrified look on my face. So I told him to shut up and be quiet and I yanked him by the shirt and moved his head toward our bed room. He freaked out and ran in the bathroom. His face turned so white and pale and then he asked me " dude what should we freaking do?" so I asked him if he has ever preformed a blessing on a home....hahaha then I just told him its the light and we need a new bulb and he just got so relieved. I think he was kind of mad but oh well we joke about it all the time:) I was thinking about taking him into the room and right when I walk in I would of faked a seizure hahaha but eh better not.

On the 4th of July we went to fireworks. The were okay. It was kind cold and stuff so not really the best night. Our branch mission leader and his wife took us. They are from Yonkers and they have the deepest accents ever. they always bicker when we are around its so funny. This was their argument after church yesterday
"You need to slow down Ray!" " You need to shaddup okay?" haha idk good times

Some dude from Grenada invited us in when we knocked on his door and tried to convince us that Jesus was black.... He was pretty convincing but it kinda made no since. He was really cool but he was a bit wacko. He drove a sick Audi though and makes a butt ton of money...I don't know how but I won't ask.

Oh yeah we almost got eaten by German shepherds but I will save that story for next week. These communist librarians want us to get off:( oh well...you gotta love everyone.\

So yeah thank you for all the birthday wishes and mail and stuff. It really means a lot to me. Well LOVE YOU ALL
The church is true, the book is blue, and Jesus wasn't black:)

Elder Hunter Neus
mmmm bye nowwww

June 30, 2014

Geez'em where do I begin. Well, first I don't have a lot of time. These library people are very stingy about their computers and hate us so yeah.

Greenville is soooooo sick! It is in the middle of the Catskill mountains! Very rugged and dark. It feels like I am in the deep dark forest of old communist Russia. Our apartment is in this Irish town where they have crazy weird Irish accents.....crazy stuff. And everyone in our branch has a thick New York accent. Pretty sweet. This is literally what our branch mission leader said to me when I first met him. "Neus? Neus huh? aye Mark you know a guy with the last name zeus right? what? You don't? eh what the hell"  hahaha now just picture that with a thick accent.

My companion is Elder Reyne :) haha he is the bees knees! He was very shy and timid at first but man he is awesome. He is from California and has red hair....yeah. He's sneaky small and smells like cabbage.

Well all we do is tract pretty much. Which I don't mind but it gets a little tedious. That's all missionaries have done here since the restoration of the Gospel Of Jesus Christ it seems like. But we have had good success. He just has a hard time being bold. But I don't :) It was hard for me at first but I have found it is absolutely necessary in missionary work. Like Elder Neal A. Maxwell said, "We need to use sweet boldness".

Well these ladies want me to get off so I will. They kind of remind me of those chicks in the movie Hercules that cut the cord of your life.....ugh depressing.

Well I better head off before they lynch me haha.
Choose the right, and trust in the Lord.

Love, Elder Neus

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

June 23, 2014


"Though we may not necessarily forfeit our lives in service to our God, we can certainly demonstrate our love for Him by how well we serve Him"
HELLO HELLO friends and fam!
So this week has been so sweet! We picked up probably the most solid investigator Ive had on my mission so far, we've had 4 golden referrals, AND I'm getting transferred!!
HOLY CRAP! I'm heading on down to Greenville. It is right below Albany. And pert near Massachusetts. I am so pumped. Elder Davis served there for six months and said its super dope so I cant wait. I'm gonna miss Massena...but I'm mostly gonna miss Elder Koga in Potsdam. I'm so glad he got to be my Zone Leader for a transfer. Coolest trainer in the world. I'm also gonna miss his companion Elder Horner but that's besides the point. Elder X is gonna take over the area and train. I was SOOOOO shocked when we found that out from President .  We have all come to the conclusion that its just a huge call to repentance if we've ever seen one.  Well besides him of course. President in my interview was like " Elder X needs to get off his lazy butt and get to work. I'm sick of his crap" hahaha I laughed so hard. Its true though. Its been kinda hard trying to get him motivated. He puts on a show when he is with others and makes it seem like he is the one trying to work hard but nah. He has TONS of potential but he doesn't realize it. I hope he finds it soon. I love this guy. Whom the Lord calls he qualifies.

Well yeah so I get to drive down with sweet sweet Elder Davis 4 hours to Utica. Its gonna be so fun. Hes going back home to Idaho. He has been such a good example to me and how a missionary should go about doing things. One of the most humble people I've ever met. Gonna miss him too.

Being a missionary in New York is not easy. It seems like everyone is addicted to either cigarettes or coffee. And most of the time even BOTH! Everyone and their grandmas is on welfare, and people are just stuck in their ways. But something I've been doing lately is looking at everyone on the same level. Poverty or rich. Young or old. On drugs or not on drugs...well we actually try to avoid those people but yeah. You get my point. But I have seen such a difference on the way I talk with and treat people. I have more of a love for them. Yeah sometimes I will  get a little mad or discouraged when someone yells "SCREW GOD" or most recently "homosexual idiots" but I try to love them.:) ITS GREAT haha
But anyways I love alls ofs yous:) Keep on keepin on and choose the right:)
LOVE, Elder Neus
mmmmm bye now 

I look like the only happy missionary but yeah they are smiling on the inside haha