Tuesday, July 8, 2014

June 23, 2014


"Though we may not necessarily forfeit our lives in service to our God, we can certainly demonstrate our love for Him by how well we serve Him"
HELLO HELLO friends and fam!
So this week has been so sweet! We picked up probably the most solid investigator Ive had on my mission so far, we've had 4 golden referrals, AND I'm getting transferred!!
HOLY CRAP! I'm heading on down to Greenville. It is right below Albany. And pert near Massachusetts. I am so pumped. Elder Davis served there for six months and said its super dope so I cant wait. I'm gonna miss Massena...but I'm mostly gonna miss Elder Koga in Potsdam. I'm so glad he got to be my Zone Leader for a transfer. Coolest trainer in the world. I'm also gonna miss his companion Elder Horner but that's besides the point. Elder X is gonna take over the area and train. I was SOOOOO shocked when we found that out from President .  We have all come to the conclusion that its just a huge call to repentance if we've ever seen one.  Well besides him of course. President in my interview was like " Elder X needs to get off his lazy butt and get to work. I'm sick of his crap" hahaha I laughed so hard. Its true though. Its been kinda hard trying to get him motivated. He puts on a show when he is with others and makes it seem like he is the one trying to work hard but nah. He has TONS of potential but he doesn't realize it. I hope he finds it soon. I love this guy. Whom the Lord calls he qualifies.

Well yeah so I get to drive down with sweet sweet Elder Davis 4 hours to Utica. Its gonna be so fun. Hes going back home to Idaho. He has been such a good example to me and how a missionary should go about doing things. One of the most humble people I've ever met. Gonna miss him too.

Being a missionary in New York is not easy. It seems like everyone is addicted to either cigarettes or coffee. And most of the time even BOTH! Everyone and their grandmas is on welfare, and people are just stuck in their ways. But something I've been doing lately is looking at everyone on the same level. Poverty or rich. Young or old. On drugs or not on drugs...well we actually try to avoid those people but yeah. You get my point. But I have seen such a difference on the way I talk with and treat people. I have more of a love for them. Yeah sometimes I will  get a little mad or discouraged when someone yells "SCREW GOD" or most recently "homosexual idiots" but I try to love them.:) ITS GREAT haha
But anyways I love alls ofs yous:) Keep on keepin on and choose the right:)
LOVE, Elder Neus
mmmmm bye now 

I look like the only happy missionary but yeah they are smiling on the inside haha

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