Thursday, March 26, 2015

March 23, 2015

Started from the bottom now we here!

Yo friends and fam good?
"Sometimes the most humble thing to say is thank you." - Elder Le Duc responding to a question in Gospel Doctrine

My companion is seriously Joseph Smith reincarnated. Haha or some other doctrinal scholar. Maybe Neil A. Maxwell......well anyways.

This week was "killer". We were for sure humbled by all of our experiences. We had zone conf., church b-ball twice, got farted on by some punk teenagers during a prayer, and had to plan a District Meeting that is tomorrow. All of those things were in some way stressful.....I won't go into details but trust me. OHHHH I will tell you that I broke my finger during basketball though.

So yes, Elder Le Duc got hit by a car last week. We were walking down Midland Ave. ( scary ghetto street where people die on the daily.)  And we were walking with traffic. There really weren't any cars but we were just going that direction. SO as we were walking we hear this car zooming our way going around 45 mph.  And next thing we know it's heading right towards us and it hit Le Duc right on his side and his whole left arm. He broke the windshield and the side mirror.  I was like " HOLY CUSSWORD THAT I SHOULDN'T MENTION IN THIS EMAIL"  and the car screeched to a holt.....the person looked at us then the car then sped off down the street. Not a scratch or bruise on Elder Le Duc.  God is really watching out for us haha.  He is such a good trainee. We get a long SUPER well and he just loves life.

Church is true people. If you don't think so I will take it but just know that you're wrong and I hate you for that. JK.

Love you all:)

With sincerity and most humble love,

your boy,

Elder Neus


March 17, 2015

Blacktism + Hit N' Run = typical week in the Cuse'


This week was a trip! We are having such a blast! 
We have been taking notes in our phone about what goes on in our week in South Side. 
Heres the list....

Jehova witnessed.
Elder Le Duc gets hit by car.
Seven year olds throw gang signs out of school bus.
Doug taught us how to shoot heroine.
Sister Solis gets bold an truthful.
Dino BBQ with sisters.
Frank Sanasis = prison time.
Wily the JW wit attitude and sas.
Veronica lost her V card at eleven and has been a prostitute for 16 years and has never picked up  any diseases.
Dougs dart gun.
BBQ jokes.
Sister Barkza shovels...POOP DAYYY.
Sister Barkza interpretes scriptures......not very good.
Sleep drunk sleepovers.
Pastor Yost baptism commitment.
Boiling water and dumping it in the font.
60 doughnuts for 4$.
Welcome to a baptism.
"Hold on! Can we watch this part of Bridesmaids?"

That is what happened this week. If you get offended by any of that......sorry.  

So yes, we had a baptism this week.  It was pretty hectic. The kid we dunked was nine years old and the baptism itself was super last minute. Elder LeDuc was was his first so it was kind out of control. He thought the ward would plan it....they didn't. SOOO I had to take control. His brother wanted to dip him so he did. It was so spiritual! In the middle of the talk on baptism I looked at the black board and it said " welcome to a baptism" It was pretty funny. Whoever wrote that obviously forgot Irics name haha.

And yes my companion got hit by a car:)

Elder Hunter Neus

March 9, 2015

All about that Cuse' life.

Well brethren and sister..en.....

What a freakin weird week.

It was hard leaving Troy last Wednesday. I felt like a little part of me died. It was kinda sad. But yeah we left on Wednesday around 10 and made it to Utica around 12 o'clock.  I saw so many missionaries that I have never seen before. I felt so old. Then I saw the sisters that were in my MTC district give their departing testimonies :(  It was a really sad day. 

Anyways Elders Summers and I left a little early and headed for Syracuse and bumped to Mo Tab all the way there. CAN'T WAIT FOR NORMAL MUSIC!!! So we get to the Cuse' and all we see are black people & crack houses. LOVE IT!  We got to the ZL apartment and chilled for a bit before our companions got there and we went through most of their stuff. We sat for like an hour waiting for them.  Then I saw an angel walk through the door. That angels name is Elder LeDuc. He is so chill. It's only his 2nd transfer and he knows the work like the back of his hand. He is waiting for his visa to go to the Netherlands. He speaks Dutch really well and he looks like a politician. He has so much swag. Doesn't really need to be trained.

So our area is like Troy on crack....literally. All of our investigators are black humans (Shout out to Sister Wood) and they all are super solid. They might all have a bunch of problems but that's okay. One of our detectives has had SIX abortions and just went to jail yesterday for getting caught being a prostitute. Pray for her please haha.

We have slammed south side so hard the past couple days. Tomorrow we have all of our day planned out with appointments with people that we ran into the past couple days. We are tearing it up. Oh and district meeting is tomorrow. I will train on happiness and the light of Christ. CAN'T WAIT YO.
Well that's pretty much all folks. The Church is true and the book is blue and Elder Jepsen and I may or may not have kissed each other on the lips on accident @ transfers........

Love you all:)
With love,
Elder Neus

February 3, 2015


Hello hello! 

This week was so hectic! We got transfer calls on Saturday and let's just say they were very bittersweet. 

Turns out I am leaving the Troylet and heading up to Syracuse South Side. I will be the district leader and I will be training a visa waiter:) FREAKING NUTS.

I am gonna miss Elder Day and Troy so much! Its unreal. BUT Elder Summers and I knew we were leaving and we have been praying specifically to either serve with or around each other. It happened. He's gonna be in Syracuse West. Same city, same ward, same district. God really does answer prayers;) 

Syracuse is so legit. It has the second largest mall in the US, one of the best colleges (Syracuse Orange).  It's March Madness too btw, and it's waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay ghetto. HALLELUJAH!

Can't wait:)

Please keep our investigator Roberta in your prayers. She is having a really rough time with smoking:)

I love you all! Keep it real!

Elder Neus 

February 23, 2015


Hey everyone!

This week was off the chizzle! 

We had a baptism Saturday and it was so great! Christine is officially a member of the church. At her baptism I gave a talk on the Holy Ghost and right in the middle of it  she literally yells at me, "You guys are the freaking bomb!"  It was sweet haha. 

But other than that this week was just all around good. Picked up some new investigators and set them with baptism dates, had fun teaching always, and froze our faces off. Pretty average. OH and transfer calls are this Saturday! I hope I stay another 6 weeks. This area is my baby and its just so cool to watch it grow....and you know Elder Day is pretty cool too;)

I love all of you and I hope you have a sweet sweet week. Keep the swag mature!

Elder Neus

February 17, 2015

Good week

YO YO YO whaddup friends and fam! 

This week was so sweet!  Troy is bumpin!

Our investigator Christine is getting dunked on Saturday! We are so stoked for her! She paid tithing on Sunday and she also attended a baptism with us. She is so prepared! PRAY FOR HERRRR!  I think she will do fine though:) 

Elder Day and I are like two peas in a pod it so fun! This week we had exchanges in Cohoes and I literally felt like I was missing a part of me for two days. LIFE IS GOOD!

Well hey we are super short on time again so I have to make this short. We are just so busy we never have time to email:(

Love you all and I hope you have a good week!

Elder Neus

February 10, 2015

Quick email

Yo yo yo!

This needs to be short and sweet!

This week was really good. We have a couple baptisms coming up this next week and we are super pumped. Things are going along and we are seeing so many tender mercies.

I love you all and I hope you can all have a great week!:)

Elder Neus

mmmm bye nowwwww

February 3, 2015

"Hi I'm Elder Neus, what's your name?"  

Yo yo yo whats up friends and fam??

This week was more weird than anything. I'm am starting to really miss AZ where most people are normal and not mental patients. We have been taking one of our investigators cigarettes the past week because she doesn't trust herself from trying to quit. It's really bizarre how she works but she is doing really good. We had another investigator at church and she went up and bore her testimony on the church and the Book of Mormon. IT WAS SO LEGIT. She's getting dunked Feb. 14.  She can't stop talking about it.

Well one day this week Elder Day and I went to CVS in Lansingburg (north Troy) to get some shelter from the cold and we stumbled upon the hair coloring aisle......long story short he's not blonde anymore and my hair is way lighter...:) We are having a super great time! Things are moving forward and the area is on fire!

We met this dude Billy this week and he almost punched Elder Day in the face.  It was kinda funny. He was super drunk and couldn't really understand that we weren't trying to arrest him. We just asked him for his name and he flipped out! 


Well anywho, I miss you all and I hope you can all feel the electricity in the air! Have a good week and maybe possibly I will email on time next Monday:)

Elder Neus

January 27, 2015

Just what the doctor ordered.


Sorry this email is late. We are in like the middle of some sort of blizzard.  It's nuts. I HAVE A NEW COMPANION....and he is almost like an exact duplicate of's so dope.

We have had some much success here in Troy.  It's so fun being a missionary:) There is never a dull moment.

So there are some really sweet things that we as a district and zone have found out the past few weeks. We have truly been fed by the spirit and been shown these things for a reason. Its so simple but makes so much sense. Its about prayer and pre-destined blessings from God.

First, lets start with a scripture. Luke 11:9

And I say unto you, Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you.
 So in that passage there is a divine promise, "ask it shall be given you". Heavenly Father has promised us that if we "have real intent, having faith in Christ" he will give us the things we ask for. But only if they serve a righteous purpose.  When we pray our will meets with the Father's will. That's just how it works. But God has blessings in store for us and the only way to obtain some of  these blessings is by asking him.

We have seen so many miracles these past few weeks just by asking God for specific blessings, goals, needs, etc...IT'S SO COOL!

I invite you all to try this:)

I wish I could write more in depth emails lately but it's starting to get really hard. Just know I am doing very good and I am keeping on. Haha I sound like such a slacker. I will have to write a nice one soon.

God bless you all.

Here is a picture in front of some Tupac mural Elder Day and I found. Oh and some other stuff. We are seriously having so much fun!:)


Elder Neus

mmmmmm bye noooooow

January 20, 2015

"2+2= 5 BRUH"

MMMheyyyyyyyyy friends and fam:)

This week was so great!  We got transfer calls, saw someone throw up ,and we found out sisters are moving back into the ward.....

Well watching someone throw up isn't that great but I thought it was interesting so I mentioned it. SOOOO we got transfer calls and it turns out my little boy is leaving me and going to Madison to serve with my homie from AZ, Elder Covarrubias:)) I will have to pray for him. Haha jk I think they will do great together. It will be so good for Elder Winkel to leave and see new things.  I hope and pray he will get out of his "slump".....

OH Elder Day from Utah is going to be my new companion:) I hear he is super loud and a pretty chill guy....OH I LIKE THAT. I cant wait to meet him:) .I am just gonna praise em for days em. I am so grateful to have a normal companion. It feels like I haven't had one since Elder Reyne......oh wait...I haven't:) I think the Lord and President Wirthlin are just giving me a huge break. Its kinda hard being a "babysitter" missionary. It was a great calling but I am so done-zo.

Alma 26:11  " But Ammon said unto him: I do not boast in my own strength, nor in my own wisdom; but behold, my joy is full, yea, my heart is brim with joy, and I will rejoice in my God."
D&C 101
 36 Wherefore, fear not even unto death; for in this world your joy is not full, but in me your joy is full.

Life is so good. I am so happy to be serving the Lord. I am not really gonna miss my tough companions and having to adjust to their difficulties.But I do love them and have learned so much from them.

"for my joy is full"

Elder Hunter Neus

January 13, 2015

"Dope week hurr in da Trap"  - Taken part 2 

Hello friends and fam!

This week was so good here in the Albany East area:)

We hit 30+ lessons and have 6 on date for baptism:0 The church is so true:)))))

Elder Winkel still is making me want to go less active haha jk. Things are getting better. We had ZTM this week and everyone got an interview from President Wirthlin. I think he told Elder Winkel what's up.....President just gave me a low down on him and just told me to have patience:)  It's a virtue and we all have our own issues so...yeah.  "Charity sufferth long and is kind."  

So back to the story about us getting kidnapped...if you are reading this and don't know what I am talking about I invite you to 1. repent and 2. read all my emails. Slackers.... 

Anyways.... We get on the bus and he threatens to shoot me in the face with his gun... So we get off with him and we stumble down the street.   And no lie it was snowing like crazy out so we couldn't just run away when he wasn't looking.  He would have killed us haha. So he gets his beer and says "I am a man, I ain't no p***y."  He then begins to attempt chugging his forty.  He gets like 1 second into it and chokes and throws it on the ground! He thought he was the cats pajamas at that point. It was like all the way full. He was sooooooooooo drunk! He then tells us he was in prison for 20 years for killing a guy in 1986. He showed us his prison tats later.  We get into his apartment and there is this crazy looking guy watching Mr. Bean. So I yell "MR. BEANNNN!"  I forgot we were currently getting kidnapped and he slaps me in the back of the head.  We go into his room and it smells like urine and old spice deodorant...yeah haha and he tells us to get on his bed. At this point I say a little prayer in my head because now its getting real. He then does the unthinkable and steals Winkels gloves and turns on some hood music and passes out on the floor. WE RAN SO FAST OUT OF THERE IT WAS FREAKING NUTS. Then we went and taught some people...

Well there it is. Probably one of the craziest things that has happened to me on my mission:)

The church is true. Pray for miracles:) CTR

Elder Hunter Neus



I love to hear from you:0 you guys do a good job but still......

January 5, 2015

" I will find you and I will kill you" - Taken 4 the Troy chronicles

Wow what an amazing week here in the Troylet! It seems like it just flew by. I have come to the conclusion that Elder Winkel is just like Toby from the Office and I am Michael. "If I was in a room with Osama Bin Laden, Hiltler, and Toby and had a gun with two bullets...I would shoot Toby twice."  haha  I probably butchered that but it's okay I haven't watched that in forever. ANYWAYSSSSS.....yeah it's not that bad he just has a couple of issues that I can't really help him 

On Tuesday the absolutely impossible happened...WE GOT FREAKIN KIDNAPPED!
So we are walking to one of the bus stops in Troy and we get there a we see a familiar face....JUSTICE....he's just some drunk transient vagabond who rapped to us about Jesus my first day here. We started talking for what it seemed like a split second and then he utters these profound  words "Rap to me SEXY WHITE BOY"...I then took a look around seeing maybe if he is talking to the other drunk guy taking a snooze on the near frozen pavement...but nay. He then repeats what he said earlier and this time punches me in the arm. Quite hard... So I told him to not touch me. He didn't like that. He then asked if I had met the pavement before... So we just try to ignore him.  So the bus arrives....TWENTY MINUTES LATE WHEN ITS 20 DEGREES OUT!!!!.......  So I will tell the rest of this story next email...we have an appointment real soon.

I love you all...CTR and keep on keepin on:)
Life is good:)

Elder Hunter Neus

mmmm bye nooooow

December 29, 2014

Happy birthday Jesus

Yo Yo Yo whats up friends and fam!?

This week was seriously the best week ever! Christmas was sooooooooo dope!

We got to go to like 5 different houses throughout the day and open gifts from them and eat all of their pizza.....not complaining whatsoever :)

Skyping my family probably takes the cake though. I am so blessed to have them..

Sorry this is getting to you so late. Our awesome ward mission leader took us to a trampoline park!!!!!! With our mission presidents permission of course;)

Well thats all. Wish I could write...well....type more but we need to dip.


Elder Neus

mmmmm bye nooooooow

December 22, 2014

"Merry Christmas to all dem baby mamas out der"

Yello Yello!

MERRY CHRISTMAS - HOLY COW IT'S HERE!  Man I can't believe its already that time of year again! I am so pumped to call home on Wednesday! Time flies when you're having fun.

This week went pretty well...we saw some dope miracles here in East Albany! But we also experienced some sketchy stuff.....

Elder Chambers and I were on exchange last Friday after zone conference (WHICH WAS FREAKING AMAZING) President Wirthlin is the man. So Elder Chambers and I are walking Troy that night and we stop by one of the scary bus stops where the crazies hang out and I see this dude just smoking a cigarette.  So i just ask him "Hey man can I share this sweet card with you?" and he goes " I AM NOT HOMELESS DO I LOOK HOMELESS TO YOU?" He did look a little homeless but we didn't even say anything about him not living in a home. So then I tell him "No man you look like you are just waiting for a bus but we are missionaries from out west and we share this very unique message about Jesus Christ that will bless your life!"  So he gives me this look like I just told him he looks like Pumba from Lion King and his daughter is fat and needs to lose weight. Like he looked super offended. But suddenly he looks at us with tears in his eyes and says softly and tenderly "I am Jesus Christ "........... so we, in unison say "What? Why are you in Troy????" He then just says he just broke up with his girlfriend and is trying to get away from his girlfriend and that he is on parole. Andre Gary is his name and Healing the sick and raising the dead is his game. Yeah his real name is Andre Gary...hopefully we can teach him...or maybe he could teach us?

The next day we are walking to this appointment in south Troy and we just here "HEEEEEEEEEELLLLLLLLLLLPPPPPPPPP" and we see this chick get snatched into this apartment by what it looked like a huge gorilla arm. So we rush across the street to save this lady from being killed....and the door flies open and this dude punches her in the face. Pretty hard might I add. And so we are just like adrenaline pumped monkeys at this point. And right away she pulls her hand all the way back and slaps him right across the face. This next part puzzles me. He then stops everything he is doing and puts this pathetic look an his he looked as if he didn't just hammer fist her face and she attacked him first. Then she goes "I SAW THAT TRASH WHITE GUUURL IN YO APARTMENT DON'T LIE TO ME D'ANDRE" So we leave....

I hope you all have a great Christmas! Remember the reason for the season. AND CTR! Don't let the materialistic part of the season control you. #heisthegift

Elder Neus

PS: If you want to Skype me get in contact with my mom:)))


December 15, 2014

Another week in the life of NYUM Troy missionary...

Shalom y'all...

Dis week was realllllllllllllllyyyyyyy sweet! 

1. Christmas spirit is round bout us.
2. Had a mad solid week teaching a bunch and finding a lot of golden investigators.
3. FOUND S to the T to the double R again.
4. Brand spanking new transfer!

I love Christmas so much! Especially as a missionary. We don't get to see family except over Skype, but that's totally fine. We get to talk to people about the true meaning of Christmas, we see more people on the street shopping, and people generally around here kinda have a sucky holiday because they are poor and try so hard to please their that means GOSPEL OF JESUS CHRIST!!!!! TRUE happiness! 

We actually went over to a members house (well technically he's not a member because his third wife made him get his records removed)  and we started reading from the beginning of The Book Of Mormon. A quick background story on this guy....he grew up a member and went a mission. While he was on his mission his mom died so he went home. Came back out and then broke the law of chastity with his so called "mission mom" and got sent home. From that point until now he has somehow landed himself in New York, has become and alcoholic, and has had 4 wives. OH and hes been to Mesa!!!!......we he was homeless.....pretty sad story right? Alright so back to the story. We go over everyday and read the Book Of Mormon with him and his girlfriend, friends acquaintances or whoever shows up at his house. So on Tuesday Elder Winkel and I trek on over there and start teaching him. I look up at him and he has a black eye so I try to ignore it but my curiosity kills me and I ask him what the dump happened to his eye. He says the following " Elder Neus I will be you know I am a huge alcoholic and can't function without booz *insert loud hiccup here* Well Jeff here and I was drinking a lot last night and I hit on his wife because she is very sexy" And right then in the middle of him blurting out this mistake infested story I look around and that dude Jeff is SITTING RIGHT FREAKING THERE!!!! Jeff obviously wasn't listening to him call his wife "sexy" and then I just hear the last part of the story "and so he decked me right on my eye"....ugh I was pretty uncomfortable at that point because I knew someone was about to die if he keeps talking so I just hurry up and ask him what his favorite scripture is. He then says the following " Can I call you machine gun look very strong and you have broad shoulders" he then gets up and pretends he is holding a machine gun and walks around the room in a drunken stupor  and chants "MACHINE GUN NEUS MACHINE GUN NEUS MACHINE GUN NEUS" Then tells me to get up and gives me a hug and drowns his face in my chest and starts crying like a baby saying that he has issues.....this went on for about 5 minutes. He cried his life away on me and all I could do is stand there and wish I was someplace else. The look on my greenie companions face put me into instant sorrow....he looked as if he just witnessed a homicide. And then we left.....BUT not without a prayer and a commitment to never drink again. Brilliant huh? Wow life is good yanno?

We found Starr....yeah she went missing for a while. We really missed her great sense of humor and true intent to get baptized. She is da bomb. My favorite thing she said was right after we gave her a blessing once she looks up and says to us " My mohwak will never be da sameeee" Bless her!!!

I love you all so so much. This church is true! There is a living prophet on the earth!!!!!

Elder Hunter Neus

December 8, 2014

Warren the Holy One of Albany

This week in Troy has been the best ever. We taught so many golden people that are just ready for this gospel.:) We have this investigator named Roberta who told us yesterday after the Christmas devotional "I want to be a Mormon so bad" WOOOO HOOOOO!

We also received transfer calls on Saturday and turns out I am gonna be with my wittle wittle trainee for another transfer....Well he's not going to be trained anymore but still..:) He is gonna be a great missionary! I am just so stoked to stay in Troy! Best area of the mission by far!! 

We had a few investigators and a couple less actives come to church yesterday which was suuuuhweet! AND we hit standards again...God bless Albany and God bless this area. We see them muuricles err' day. Its amazing!

Church was super good if you just throw out gospel principles...We had a few people there who probably should be attending the Albany Psyche Ward not Albany First Ward. We had a lesson on Honesty, which couldn't possibly go bad, right? Wrong. Allow me to explain our pain. We had one guy in the back trying to justify the lies that he had told in his life, one of them being where he told a cop that a loaded handgun found in his car belonged to himself rather than a friend who had "two strikes on his record already". This landed our friend in a prison term. After several more examples, the statement was made that all lies are bad no matter what, and that in some areas there is simply no gray area. This sparked a question from another classmate, one who's not so crazy and usually pretty quiet. He said "Well, what if someone down in the subway pulls a gun on you and asks if you have money, and you know you have a fat wad of cash in your pocket? Are you gonna tell him that you've got money, or not?" After a few more comments, Elder Speakman got an excited look in his eyes that usually only comes after he takes his meds and he began digging into his scriptures, searching for what probably would have been the answer to this and other questions. Sadly, with the air of confusion mixed with a little bit of contention in the room, truth could not prevail. 

These questions led to another comment in the back of the classroom, this time from a man who was very drunk, whose words slurred and who reeked of what smelled like sewage. He told a story about a time when he and his girlfriend had allowed a homeless guy to live with them for a couple days. One day, the homeless guy asked our friend if our friend could run across the street to get them beer. Our friend said "And we had a...a mini iPad, and I put it right there on the coffee table and I went to go get the beer. When I got back, I couldn't find the guy....and our mini iPad was gone. I asked my neighbors and they said 'nope, we haven't seen it'. That was pretty dishonest." We all half nodded our heads, unsure of the purpose of the story or why any sane person would allow a random bum off of the street asking for booze to shack up with you. The teacher desperately tried to bring the lesson back on track to a subject anywhere near that of the importance of honesty, but at this point this train had not only derailed, but had crashed into a nearby town and had caught fire. This is when the third guy spoke up. 

In order to best describe this guy, I'll just list a few quotes that he's rattled off in Gospel Principles classes prior to this one:

-"You know, I always say I am not going to be here; so listen to my teachings, and use them wisely."
-"You're only as old as you live."
-"Don't outsmart your intelligence."
-"Lies are how drama was invented."
-"When you have time to be like Christ, you do like Christ."

Now you know what we were dealing with. On the topic of honesty, he said; "Now, in order to be like me, you gotta be perfectly honest. Everyone who knows me know that I am a man of my word. What I say, I do, and what I do, I say." There was a second of silence and stares before the teacher said "Okay, yep. It's important to be very honest." Without warning, our friend who thinks he's Jesus spoke up again and told a very weird story from his childhood with his uncle, where he supposedly declared to his uncle that "one day a child shall lead him", indicating that he himself was this child who should lead. Very weird. For those awaiting the Second Coming of the Messiah, I guess we'll just have to wait a bit longer. 

That story was best interpreted by the one, the only Elder May:)

I love you all and hope you have a great week. The church is true, the book is blue, and Warren is not the Christ.....


Elder Neus

December 1, 2014

Kevin James and "sexy beast Neus"

So this week was so legit. Let me start off with Thanksgiving! So last Sunday at church Elder Summers, May, Chambers, Speakman and I devised a plan...we tried to get as many people to feed us on thanksgiving as we could. So we pulled our strings and of course due to our charm and good looks we got 6 appointments. OH before I forget we also went to a funeral for The Plotz family. Brother Plotz is like our go to man if we need anything and is really tight with all of us missionaries. His daughter was murdered in Hawaii in her home by a suspected "burglar". Its all over national news and is getting crazy mad media attention. We helped their family out a lot this week. They are in our area so we did a ton of service for them. But the funeral was so good! A lot of people came and the overall theme was the Plan Of Salvation. It was a great opportunity to share the Gospel with those that were not members that attended. It is so awesome that we know we can live with our families forever and ever. I am so grateful and thankful for that!

So yeah we almost died thanksgiving and I wanted to just roll into a ball and cry most of the night. Some chick that the Cohoes Elders are teaching fed us and I think she is probably one of the most craziest, cool, awesome people I have met here. She is more crazy than anything but it was so fun to eat over there. So the first thing she says to me was " Where are ya from Noose?" So I then proceeded to tell her Arizona but right in the middle of that she called me A$$hole.... I have no clue why but....yeah. 

Life is good here in Troy. The weather is good, the members are fantastic, it smells like weed, cigarettes, and alcohol 24/7, the people are black and my companion is starting to humble himself.  I have no room to complain. I am proud of him though. I don't even remember when I was a new missionary like him....crazy huh? Training has really taught me a lot. It has most importantly taught me that your mindsets control your realities. For example if you go into a gym and say "Man I am so fat and will never get fit." You are probably not gonna get fit and your are going to stay fat. You control your thinking. Why not stay positive? Just a thought...

Two people said I act and tell stories like Kevin James this week AND some gangster guy called me "sexy beast Neus" under his breath while we were talking to him. It is so different here than it is in AZ. Email me about your lives and some cool spiritual or weird experiences that you have had this week. I love it.

Thank you all for your support for me and my family. I couldn't do it without ya:) If this email was too scattered for you GET OUT. Just kidding but I apologize. We have been at the church this morning since 5...we played ball for like 3 hours straight. OHHHH and its Elder Summers birfdizzle today so we are going out to Joes Crab Shack. I love that man. I hope i can serve with him some day. My district is so unified... Well......hmm...

Love you all!
Church is true, book is blue, and Elder Speakman looks like a koala.


November 17, 2014

Yo yo yo whaddup???? 

These past few weeks have been incredible! We have picked up so many solid investigators! Troy is seriously the promised land:) I will start this email with a couple of cool stories...

So it was my first day in Troy and my companion who is a little less than a transfer old, Elder Hawkes, and I were walking the slums of the inner city....and so yeah we were walking and we see this loud black lady across the street and the two Elders I was with just walked passed her. So I just say whats up and she goes " MMMMMM oh yeah mmmmmm come over here yeah you in dem glasses emmmm" So inimitably I just go "okay". So I say whats your name? And she goes " MY NAME IS STARR!!! S to da Tee to da double arrr! MM tell me mo bout your religion!" So I give her a resto pamphlet and she then proceeds to do a very provocative dance with it and kisses it. So I suggest at that point saying a she goes "OOOOOHHHHHHHHHH HECKKKKKK YES I LOVE GAWD". We say a prayer but right before that she looks at Elder Hawkes (he's a real goober) and says "BOI bow your head nah"  I say the prayer and right in the middle of it she yells at some of her friends across the street " YO NIGGAS WAIT UP".......and that was the end of it. So the next day we are riding on the bus and we had a prompting from the spirit to get off and walk the rest of the way to out apartment. So we get off and start walking and we hear someone scream " YOOOOOOMORMONS!" I look up and its S to the t to the double r. She comes up and we say a normal prayer and then she makes us give a round of applause for Jesus. Then we teach her a little bit and she said she wanted to come to church and then we left. The next day we are walking on the other side of town....Troy is huge btw.....and we see Starr just walking with her friends. So we go up and teach her the Restoration. We got her to church and no lie she is the most solid investigator ever! She went into the chapel right before sacrament meeting and said she felt the spirit so strong. She said she had been praying to God asking for help and guidance that first day we saw her. She said the opening prayer in Gospel principles, she hugged people in Relief Society and she also wanted a blessing. She is so sweet! Her husband died in a drive by shooting a couple of months ago and said she needs help. 

I have such a strong testimony on the power of conversion and how it applies to everyone. Starr is just one of the many people we have met here in Troy who has been prepared for this gospel.

Well I would tell you all the story of Justice "this aint no commercial" Lewis but I have no time whatsoever.....

I love you all and I hope you have such a good week. Pray for some spiritual experiences this week so that you can share those experiences with others. Count your blessings and keep the steak prime and mature.

Elder Neus

mmmmmmm bye now

OHHHHH and this is a story of Elder May and Elder Speakman and the crazy downtown Albany Elders......enjoy. And the pics are of Troy.

We had a funny experience that I'll spare some details on. While one exchange with the Assistant's this week, Elder Speakman got a phone call from a set of Elders who were asking for the phone number to call the apartment coordinator in the mission office. Since the mission office was closed, Elder Speakman asked what the problem was. The Elders responded that their toilet was broken, and after being asked to describe the toilet's malfunction they explained that the water would flush, but the "mess inside" remained wedged in place, firm in it's foundation. After stifling their laughter, Elder Speakman handed the phone to the Assistant, drawing on his priesthood leadership and expertise to best assist the poor, blessed missionaries. The proposed solution came; the Elders would take a wire hanger, bend it in half, and violently jab the "mess inside" until it went down. Hours went by and I called to follow-up on the commitment left. Unfortunately, a midst all efforts to reconcile their ill-fated toilet, all was in vain. The "mess inside" had merely disintegrated, leaving these Elders with a bigger mess and deeply lowered motivation and morale. Elder Speakman and I sighed and said we'd be there the next day to help. The next day we went over, and with the help of a 6-foot "snake" (which I had never used before), a little bit of elbow grease, and thankfully only a little bit of splash back, the job was completed and the toilet could breathe again. After cleaning the final remains of the devastation, Elder Speakman and I departed. 

November 3, 2014



Howdy do from Elder Neus in the Troylet:) 

This week was so much fun! I have never been to a more ghetto place in my life! Life is so good!

We fall asleep to siren and gunshots every night! Its the best! *insert Nacho Libre accent*. I have been yelled at, rapped to, burped on (that's a story for later in the email), taught how to dance, and been in some very interesting stories about the "trap"...thats what they call this place. But there is so much work to be done here. We taught hecka lessons this week and I have never been happier on my mission. Besides when I served with a couple of my favorite companions:) If you are reading this and I have served with you know who you are.. haha well anyways...ElderWinkle  is a hoot. He calls himself a "super mormon" whatever the heck that is. I thought we were all the same but eh...He's pretty chill though. It feels way weird being a trainer. But its fun because we are teaching so many people. We picked up like a bunch of investigators just from talking to them on the streets. 

Here is the story of the week. So Elder Winkle and I were in the library in Troy and we get done and start to walk down this huge marble stair case to get to the main floor. Elder Winkle takes the lead and heads down the stairs and says hi to this well dressed business woman. AND THE FREAKIN UNTHINKABLE HAPPENS....she ignores him and walks up to me and belches this waaaaaaaay loud and gross burp and blows it in my face. I was so amazed. I couldn't speak or move for at least two minutes. So I just stood there in shock at what just happened to me. WHAT THE DUMP?? That would only happen to me. I cant describe how bad it smelled because I was in a state of countless wonder at why in the world would she do that. We didn't do anything to her. God have mercy on her soul haha.

Well that pretty much sums up my last week. I love you all and I hope I can think of more stuff for to write about every week. I am super busy and sooooo many things happen to us its hard to tell you all of it.

I love you and remember God is good and so is clam chowder. Irrelevant but it is. I had some of the best clam chowder ever this week.....yep

Elder Neus in the trap

October 28, 2014

Leaving G-ville.......FINALLY HOLY CRAP!

Hey hey hey there people!:)

The wait is over! Its been nice serving here in Greenville but its been too may or may not have been my companion that made it long but still....I'm leaving:)

Oh I am going to sweet sweet Troy, New York! I have been wanting to serve there since forever ago! My companion will be Elder Winkle and I will be training him....2nd transfer training that is. I CAN'T WAIT! I leave tomorrow!

Troy is pretty much Albany....its all connected. But the coolest thing about it is that it is 2nd most ghetto place in all of New York...Besides the south Bronx. I am so stoked! People get killed there all the time! I went on a little exchange there when Elder Reyne went home early. It was a blast! There are actually people everywhere to talk to and most of them are black! Pretty sweet right?

I am sad I have to leave so many great people and also excited too because this branch needs some new blood:) OH I forgot to mention that Elder Buck is leaving too! The Lord is white washing us. Soooooooo crazy!

This email has to be short due to the physco librarians (not gonna miss that).

I love you all!

Keep it real:0


Elder Neus

October 21, 2014

Down with the sickness, bitter cold days, and the mouse fiasco.

YO YO YO whaddup from New York!?

Hey hey there beautiful hot people!

This week sucked here in Greenville. Not because of anything that has to do with the work but I was just sick ALLLLLLL FREAKIN WEEK! It seriously put a damper on my soul! I hate just doing nothing. It was just a bad cold but it still put me on my butt. Like how am I going to move mountains while sitting on my duff? Brutal...

 On a brighter note....well eh, kinda brighter note. We met with Brother Kruppenbacher a few times this week. He is one of my favorite people I've met on my mission. He is 91 years old and lives alone. He is such a great person and has the funniest personality. His testimony is firm and can't be shaken. So the other day we went over just to visit with him because he gets lonely and depressed and I have to use the restroom so I go to the bathroom next to his kitchen where we were meeting with him. So I am (from the words of Steve Carrell in Get Smart) squeezing the lemon. sorry...And I hear this yelling coming from outside the door. It was a violent like yell and scared the living daylights out of me! So I book it out ready for almost anything that's about to happen and I see Brother K. yelling at Elder Buck saying "HELP ME YOU FOOL". So I have no clue what the freak is going on and I ask Elder Buck what's happening and he has this terrified look on his face with tears running down his cheeks. And I look at what Brother K was looking at and it was his oxygen I go get it and he puts it in and he was perfectly fine. He could have died if I wasn't there...pretty intense. But I still had to go to the bathroom and I just stood in there and laughed my head off. Sometimes you just have to take time and laugh. Elder Buck's face was just priceless. Poor fella. It will always be implanted in my head. Good times..... 

It is getting pretty dang cold here. I don't know if I am just not used to it since its been a while or what?....I can't wait for this winter. All the leaves are falling and it's making me kinda trunky.....MY LAST FALL!!!!!!!! Holy buh geez'm.aye.

Oh yeah and we have a dang mouse problem now in our apartment. Last night I saw one of those demons run into my closet....and I may or may not have screamed like a girl....just forget I said that actually. If I see him this week I am going to go Michael Myers on his jonas. Hate those things. I wouldn't have a problem if they would just stay outside. Come what may?

But anyways I am feeling a whole lot better! If I have learned anything this week it was that patience is a virtue. I had a bunch of time to read the Book of Mormon and I found so many cool stuff. I challenge all of you to read it and ponder in your hearts its message. And if you haven't seen Meet the Mormons GO SEE IT!  Share your cool insights on it with others. Take some of your friends to it. It was way good:) 

Well I love you all and hope you have a blessed week. Pray for miracles in your life! DON'T SLEEP THROUGH THE RESTORATION AND THE HASTENING OF THE WORK OF SALVATION!

I love you,
Elder Hunter Neus:)


October 14, 2014

YOOOOO whaddup AZ people? Oh and others all around the world:0

If you haven't seen Meet the Mormons you need to see it asap! It was so good!

This email has to be short due to how much time I have until our next appointment. But things are great here in Greenville. We are seeing miracles everyday!

Please, if you haven't invited someone on FB or any social media to go see Meet the Mormons GO DO IT!  PRAY FOR MIACLES AND SPRITUAL EXPERINCES EVERY DAY and then share those with your friends and family. The Lord is hastening his work. We are all missionaries:)

The church is true. God loves us. He loves us so much he sent his only begotten son to suffer for our sins and afflictions!

I love you all and I promise next weeks email will be sooooo much better:)

Elder Hunter Neus:)


October 6, 2014

"Meet the Muslims...crap I mean Mormons"

God bless America! haha

mmmmm heeyyyyyyy

I'm going to just come out and say it.....CONFERENCE WAS SOOOOOOOO SWEEEEET!
 When you are on your mission watching General Conference is like going to Disneyland HOLY COW! 

Life is good here in Greenville. My companion might be a little frustrating at times but I think I'm getting used to him. You just got to look at all of their good traits:) So, we had a sweet exchange this week with Elder Jepsen and Elder Richins and let me tell you...IT WAS SICK! 
1.  I got a good break from "he that shall not be named in this email" and  2. I got to go to Schoharie! They have some awesome members and celestial apartment. OH and I got to be with sweet sweet Elder Richins. I love that guy! He looks like Mr. Bean and quite frankly acts kinda like him:) It was a blast. I got to hold some chicks pet hissing cockroach and I met this atheist guy who fed us wings. Then we ate at some restaurant called "Rubbin Butts"...the food tasted as good as the name. Not my favorite. But, a very interesting and fun exchange. Greenville is on fire and we are teaching some solid people. One of them is from Poland and can barely speak English. Blessings after blessings.

The church is true people! haha and If you haven't found that out yet....pray to know. Do you think God would lie to you? no...he wouldn't:)

I love you all and please read your scriptures:0

Elder Hunter Neus

This email was all over the place sorry if you get confused. It was very rushed due to the librarians. Bless em.

September 29, 2014

"Just like when Heavenly Father told that lady at the well go and sin no more" - Greenville branch president

Wooow oh woooow! What a sweet week here in the Catskills:)

I think we were in our service clothes 70% of the time this week. There has been some cool tender mercies Elder Buck and I have seen here.

We helped someone move, put up rafters in a barn, fixed a tractor, did hard Mexican labor for our landlords yard, packed a members house just goes on and on. But we have seen so many blessings.

So our branch got changed yesterday. We got a new branch presidency and it is gonna change this branch forever. The Lord is hastening his work everywhere!

So yesterday during fast and testimony meeting the sister that we moved came up and bore her testimony. She is less active and grew up in downtown Boston. Her name is Tanika. Oh and she was raised in the church. She gets up and starts crying and starts to bear her testimony and looks at me and says, "Yesterday I talked to my mom about when I was baptized and I was proceeding to tell her that the missionaries were over and she asked what our missionaries names were. And I told her Elders Neus and Buck. And she tells me that one of the missionaries that taught me and baptized me, his last name was Neus. And it turns our Elder Neus' father helped baptize me!"

HOLY CRAP! SMAAAAAAAAAL WORLD! That is just another testimony builder that tells me that I have been called by a prophet of God and I am here for a reason!

The church is true! People....we are in the last days. Share this gospel. Exercise your faith and invite people you know to take the lessons from the missionaries. Bear your fervent testimonies.

There is no greater joy knowing that you have helped someone come unto Christ. I testify to you that Christ lives. He loves you and wants you to be happy. God has a perfect plan for us. Choose the right and know that he knows when you are sleeping and knows when you're awake, he knows if you've been bad or good so be good or else you will be cast into hell and burn for eternity. haha just kidding. Love you all!

Elder Hunter Neus

September 22, 2014

You knooooooooooooow...

"Keep moving. Only the Lord can compare crosses, but all crosses are easier to carry when we keep moving. Men finally climbed Mount Everest, not by standing at its base in consuming awe, but by shouldering their packs and by placing one foot in front of another. Feet are made to move forward—not backward!" -Neal A. Maxwell

MMMMMMMHEY people! How has your week been? Mine was great! Elder Buck and I have truly raised our vision.

Life has been tough the past transfer and a half. The Buck has really taught me how to be patient in all things. Why complain about your situation when you can change it by being humble, meek, submissive, and kind ?? I really hope I can get him motivated to do some work. He needs help with some things but he has some great potential. His memory is outstanding. He could really us that to his advantage. What a guy! I love em but sometimes I just want to Spartan kick him. Come what may.

We have been seeing a lot of solid less actives and are witnessing great success. They have born their testimony's to us and almost all of their hold backs are the branch presidency. They just don't really do anything. BUT we heard some shocking and great news this Sunday from our stake president. NEXT WEEK THEY ARE CALLING A NEW BRANCH PRESIDENCEY!! WOO HOO! It is a change that will help this branch truly grow and become a ward someday. We are so pumped!!

I hit my 13 month mark yesterday and I can't even describe how fast my mission is flying by. SOOOO CRAZY!

Well people God is good and so is life. Don't let the things that are going horribly in the world slow you down. Keep moving forward and build your strong foundation on Christ. Helaman 5:12.   You need to start somewhere:) I cant wait to see all of you when I get back. I'm not trunky but I cant wait for dry weather.

Oh yeah the leaves are starting to change and it is so pretty. I would attach pictures but my camera broke and is kinda unfixable:( eh

So I  love you all and please don't hesitate to write back I love all of your emails and letters:)

Elder Hunter Neus


September 15, 2014

Bring it on G-VILLE!

“God does not begin by asking us about our ability, but only about our availability, and if we then prove our dependability, he will increase our capability.”
― Neal A. Maxwell

Love that quote!


Things are still prime here in the Greenville area. We got transfer calls on Saturday and it turns out I'm staying here and I'm still gonna be with Elder Buck!........I was pretty shocked. President Wirthlin must have some good trust in me being with him for another transfer....I dunno. Come what may and LOVE IT! 

We got a call last Tuesday morning from some drunk guy saying he wants to meet with us and it turns out he has been an investigator in the past. So we go all the way out where he lives and we share with him the first experience and it turns out he is super solid. He is going through some really tough trials and he knows that this gospel will bless him. His dad is a member in Puerto Rico and told him to meet with the missionaries. The atonement of Jesus Christ has got him through a lot.

I have seen so many tender mercies here and I know that people here are really prepared for the Gospel. Hopefully by the next few weeks we will find more people and can help them. I'm so stoked.

OH YEAH Elder Jepsen is our district leader which makes me even more excited because that means exchanges with him and sweet sweet Elder Richins. I love that guy. He have a pretty dope district not gonna lie.

Well that's pretty much all I can write about....sorry for the short letter. Next week will be better.....maybe...idk just...yeah idk...

Keep it real and make sure to pray for spiritual experiences this week so you can share them with others:)

Love you all and see ya soon

Elder Hunter Buck oops I mean Neus

September 2, 2014

Hey mom! I KNOW dad greeted Uncle Terry at the veil....him and Grandpa Wilson. The Church is true. 

Johhny Lingo is so funny! I always say that line " Mohanna you UGLY!" If Lauryn finds me a wife tell her to find me a twenty cow wife...that's hot haha;) Transfers are coming up quick....pray for me please haha.. So here is a funny story from this week..

So Elder Buck always waits for the last minute to turn on his alarm so he can forget and he would have an excuse for sleeping in haha. So on Sunday night I couldn't sleep and I noticed his alarm off and at that moment a great idea popped in my head. So 15 minutes before we are supposed to wake up I grabbed his alarm and put it right next his his head then when back to bed. So 6:29 hits and his super loud alarm goes off. And he wakes up in a girlish scream and says "HELP ME!!!" and he looks at me with this most panicked look on his face hahahahahaha. SUCKER

That's pretty much my only funny story this week:( But oh well it makes my day thinking about it:) Well I love ya and know that I pray for you and the girls:) The church is true, the book is blue and Elder Buck screams like a girl:)

Love your son,
Elder Hunter Neus

August 25, 2014

"Is it thanksgiving dinner yet?" - Elder Buck after I woke him up from him studying Lehi's dream.


I am going to start out this email with a scripture:

2nd Corinthians 1:6
"And whether we be afflicted, it is for your consolation and salvation, which is effectual in the enduring of the same sufferings which we also suffer: or whether we be comforted, it is for your consolation and salvation."

So this week was good and bad. We currently have no progressing investigators, Elder Buck is slowly killing me, and we have no miles. The good thing about this week was I hit my year mark. IT WAS SWEET! I feel nothing different.....but hey who knows maybe it will hit me in the coming week:)

My hump day consisted of going to district meeting, eating with some blessed Elders at the cult food gathering (otherwise known as the Yellow Deli), and Elder Buck keeping me up all night with his snoring. I think its karma...I have kept up all of my companions with my hibernating snore and now its my turn to be smitten with this trial. Shoot me in the face haha
But don't get me wrong.  I am still loving life out here. The leaves are starting to change (which probably shouldn't happen right now) and Elder Buck just makes me laugh 24/7. He is just so innocent it's awesome. He loves everyone and can just show so much compassion:) IF you don't mind I will relate with you a story from this week.

It was Friday the 22nd and we were at the church weekly planning. For some reason we were both pretty irritated by something. IDK why but we were. So Elder Buck looks at me and says "I am so tired. Can I go get a drink?" So he goes and gets a drink and I just sit in the room annoyed at us not having any success this week and my mind just gets to me. Time goes by and I am wondering where he is and I leave the room. And the first thing I see is Elder Buck sleeping on the floor.....hahahahahaha I laugh so hard! It was just such a pitiful tender mercy from the Lord telling me I need a laugh:)

Well I don't really know what else to talk about. Nothing else really happened but I will leave you with my testimony:) I know this church is true. I know without a shadow of a doubt that Jesus is the Christ and that he lives. I love you all and hope you are all living the Gospel and are reading the scriptures and praying! It will help you sooooo much. "by small and simple things great things are brought to pass"

Elder Hunter Neus


Autust 18, 2014


Soooo yeah pretty self explanatory.... Our mission has Facebook! It is such an awesome tool. This weeks email will have to be a little short due to the Nazi librarians. But I am so happy I am here in New York. The work is truly hastening. It is so cool to see the Lord's hand in everything we do. It's a great blessing:) 

Make sure to add me on FB if you already haven't. :))))

Once again I apologize for the short email :(

Elder Neus

August 11, 2014

Baptism + 50 people at church= Happy me!


So this week was so legit! We had a blast:) So on Tuesday we went to our investigator Henrietta's house up in the mountains with the senior couple the Jensens. We get there and talk about how she is progressing so much and she was just like, ''I'm ready to be baptized".  And so we ask her when because her date was all the way in October and she was like as soon as you can! Soooooo she came to the conclusion that she wants to be baptized in her personal lake on Saturday. We had to get permission  because we can't go into lakes and stuff and so we call Presidnet Wirthlin right then and there and all he said to Sister Jensen was "no way" haha.  So Henny proceeded to then take the phone and say " President Wirthlin why the heck am I not aloud to get baptized in my lake? I don't want to get baptized in some hole! Didn't John the baptist baptize Jesus outside? Tell me why I can't!" hahaha He started laughing and told us that WE couldn't do it but Elder Jensen can:) So it took a lot of planning and stuff but it happened and it was so special. It has been great to see her come this far:)))) Life is good...

Oh at church we had a record number of 50 people! I couldn't hold in my excitement! Pretty much all of the less actives we teach came to church and it was such great timing because they got to see Henny confirmed a member and they got to  RE-feel what it was like when the were confirmed:)

People this church is true! If you have any doubts just ask Heavenly Father and he will tell you it is true:) 2+2= 4

I love you all and hope you will have a safe and fun week! Coose the right and don't look back once you start plowin:)

Oh and if I have forgotten your birthdays...I AM SORRY! I'M ONLY HUMAN. I CAN'T REMEMBER EVERYTHING:(....;)

So these pictures are of HENNY and I and Brother Kruppenbacher and I:) He is he bee's knees and is 90 years old with a thick south Bronx accent! I LOVE EM.

oh and the view from the church



August 4, 2014

"Sorry it took me so long but I had something in my pants and it hurt......"- Elder Buck the missionary after he was in the bathroom for twenty minutes.

So yeah I'm back in sweet sweet Greenville...and the mission wide famous Elder Buck is my companion. He just got back from Utah from having to go home six months ago. I guess President Wirthlin trusts me quite a bit....who knew????? haha jk

HE IS SO ODD IT MAKES MY LIFE COMPLETE! Not in a gay way but you know what I mean. There is never a dull moment. He is obsessed with our air conditioner. He messes with it 24/7. He sleeps every five minutes. EVEN IF HE IS TALKING TO ME! OR SINGING! It's so weird. But I love it. I'm gonna love em no matter what. I'm glad I have learned that on my mission. It doesn't matter if someone is rude, weird, creepy. We should love them because they are our brothers and sisters. Bless em, praise em, love em for days em

This week was pretty uneventful besides him coming. I was sick all weekend and took about a billion naps. Sleeping cures all sicknesses.

Sorry this email is really short but the socialist librarians are kicking me off in about ten minutes so I love you all and hope you have a good week full of adventures.

Elder Neus

mmmmmm bye now