Thursday, March 26, 2015

October 21, 2014

Down with the sickness, bitter cold days, and the mouse fiasco.

YO YO YO whaddup from New York!?

Hey hey there beautiful hot people!

This week sucked here in Greenville. Not because of anything that has to do with the work but I was just sick ALLLLLLL FREAKIN WEEK! It seriously put a damper on my soul! I hate just doing nothing. It was just a bad cold but it still put me on my butt. Like how am I going to move mountains while sitting on my duff? Brutal...

 On a brighter note....well eh, kinda brighter note. We met with Brother Kruppenbacher a few times this week. He is one of my favorite people I've met on my mission. He is 91 years old and lives alone. He is such a great person and has the funniest personality. His testimony is firm and can't be shaken. So the other day we went over just to visit with him because he gets lonely and depressed and I have to use the restroom so I go to the bathroom next to his kitchen where we were meeting with him. So I am (from the words of Steve Carrell in Get Smart) squeezing the lemon. sorry...And I hear this yelling coming from outside the door. It was a violent like yell and scared the living daylights out of me! So I book it out ready for almost anything that's about to happen and I see Brother K. yelling at Elder Buck saying "HELP ME YOU FOOL". So I have no clue what the freak is going on and I ask Elder Buck what's happening and he has this terrified look on his face with tears running down his cheeks. And I look at what Brother K was looking at and it was his oxygen I go get it and he puts it in and he was perfectly fine. He could have died if I wasn't there...pretty intense. But I still had to go to the bathroom and I just stood in there and laughed my head off. Sometimes you just have to take time and laugh. Elder Buck's face was just priceless. Poor fella. It will always be implanted in my head. Good times..... 

It is getting pretty dang cold here. I don't know if I am just not used to it since its been a while or what?....I can't wait for this winter. All the leaves are falling and it's making me kinda trunky.....MY LAST FALL!!!!!!!! Holy buh geez'm.aye.

Oh yeah and we have a dang mouse problem now in our apartment. Last night I saw one of those demons run into my closet....and I may or may not have screamed like a girl....just forget I said that actually. If I see him this week I am going to go Michael Myers on his jonas. Hate those things. I wouldn't have a problem if they would just stay outside. Come what may?

But anyways I am feeling a whole lot better! If I have learned anything this week it was that patience is a virtue. I had a bunch of time to read the Book of Mormon and I found so many cool stuff. I challenge all of you to read it and ponder in your hearts its message. And if you haven't seen Meet the Mormons GO SEE IT!  Share your cool insights on it with others. Take some of your friends to it. It was way good:) 

Well I love you all and hope you have a blessed week. Pray for miracles in your life! DON'T SLEEP THROUGH THE RESTORATION AND THE HASTENING OF THE WORK OF SALVATION!

I love you,
Elder Hunter Neus:)


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