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December 1, 2014

Kevin James and "sexy beast Neus"

So this week was so legit. Let me start off with Thanksgiving! So last Sunday at church Elder Summers, May, Chambers, Speakman and I devised a plan...we tried to get as many people to feed us on thanksgiving as we could. So we pulled our strings and of course due to our charm and good looks we got 6 appointments. OH before I forget we also went to a funeral for The Plotz family. Brother Plotz is like our go to man if we need anything and is really tight with all of us missionaries. His daughter was murdered in Hawaii in her home by a suspected "burglar". Its all over national news and is getting crazy mad media attention. We helped their family out a lot this week. They are in our area so we did a ton of service for them. But the funeral was so good! A lot of people came and the overall theme was the Plan Of Salvation. It was a great opportunity to share the Gospel with those that were not members that attended. It is so awesome that we know we can live with our families forever and ever. I am so grateful and thankful for that!

So yeah we almost died thanksgiving and I wanted to just roll into a ball and cry most of the night. Some chick that the Cohoes Elders are teaching fed us and I think she is probably one of the most craziest, cool, awesome people I have met here. She is more crazy than anything but it was so fun to eat over there. So the first thing she says to me was " Where are ya from Noose?" So I then proceeded to tell her Arizona but right in the middle of that she called me A$$hole.... I have no clue why but....yeah. 

Life is good here in Troy. The weather is good, the members are fantastic, it smells like weed, cigarettes, and alcohol 24/7, the people are black and my companion is starting to humble himself.  I have no room to complain. I am proud of him though. I don't even remember when I was a new missionary like him....crazy huh? Training has really taught me a lot. It has most importantly taught me that your mindsets control your realities. For example if you go into a gym and say "Man I am so fat and will never get fit." You are probably not gonna get fit and your are going to stay fat. You control your thinking. Why not stay positive? Just a thought...

Two people said I act and tell stories like Kevin James this week AND some gangster guy called me "sexy beast Neus" under his breath while we were talking to him. It is so different here than it is in AZ. Email me about your lives and some cool spiritual or weird experiences that you have had this week. I love it.

Thank you all for your support for me and my family. I couldn't do it without ya:) If this email was too scattered for you GET OUT. Just kidding but I apologize. We have been at the church this morning since 5...we played ball for like 3 hours straight. OHHHH and its Elder Summers birfdizzle today so we are going out to Joes Crab Shack. I love that man. I hope i can serve with him some day. My district is so unified... Well......hmm...

Love you all!
Church is true, book is blue, and Elder Speakman looks like a koala.


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