Monday, September 30, 2013

Mom -
Things are great!  Last week we went on companion exchanges with the zone leaders. It was pretty sweet. The branch presidency calls me Bishop Neus...they think I will be an Apostle someday... well that's what Brother Smith said.   I don't know, whatever.   But I am loving it!  We have a lot of baptisms coming up!   We found them, taught them, and are now baptizing them:)

We traveled down to Utica on Thursday night for training.  We stayed in the mission home.  I love everyone - especially the Zone Leaders and Elder Lewis and Elder Buck.  They are our homies.  We had chicken rigis at the mission home.  Best thing ever.  Anyway, we came home and the next day picked up 5 new investigators.  That doesn't happen too much out here.

 Yes mom, the apartment is clean.  What kind of apostate question is that!?  Well my camera is lost somewhere in the apartment...  I'll find it don't worry!

The people out here are sooooo weird - oh my gosh.  I have to head out.  I love you and know that the field is VERY white and already to harvest.  Dad is helping me out here!   I feel it every day. Love you sooo much.  And all the family - grandmas, grandpas, aunts, uncles and so forth.  
Elder Neus
p.s.   Send dad's mission journal

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Week 3


The reason why I'm emailing you on a Tuesday is because we spent Sunday night in Owego with the Owego elders so we could make it to the Zone Training Meeting yesterday. So our p-day is today.

Trumansburg is the bomb!!! Sooooooo sweet! Our area has like three other towns/villages in it. We wake up to 32 degrees every morning :) but I love it. There are so many deer around. Kendyl sent me a package with water balloons (I do not know why), but we throw them at cats and deer when we want a break because they are always in our back yard, which is the forest. We have so much fun!

We are baptizing this family in a month! They are so perfect. I am so excited for them. And today is gonna rock! We are visiting our new investigators that we found on Sunday! The field is white and already to harvest out here in New York. But I'm not just going to plant seeds like everyone says - I'M GOING TO HARVEST THE CROP! BRING PEOPLE UNTO CHRIST!

I don't mind sending emails to everyone, but I hope they don't get offended if I don't answer them all. Its hard - but I try. And the girls better get asked to Homecoming! And it really doesn't surprise me that they failed their driver's permit tests! ;) Yeah...about the money... so first, I needed a handbag (not gay) because we are not allowed to have backpacks. And I also bought a USB drive for music because we have really nice cars that use those. I already have 1,000 songs haha!

So yeah LOVE ya! Tell everyone I love em too. (This dude just farted that's on the other computer next to me). But love you - stay strong. Dad is with us.




PS - AND I need a sweater for over my white shirt. Like a long sleeve one that you would see at church!

Monday, September 9, 2013

Week 2

Hunter sent a few pictures this morning.  These top three are from the MTC, and the ones at the bottom are from Trumansburg, NY.

Here is what some of his email said this morning:
I've mailed you a letter!  Here's just a quick update:  I'm out here in Tburg (Trumansburg).  Just Elder Koga and I.  He's so sweet!  I have a ton of pictures I need to send! Trumansburg is the most beautiful place!  It's super cold already.  I bought my jacket, coat and a pair of jeans this week.  We have the largest area in the mission.  Most of it is little towns and forests and farms!  And tons of deer.  We drive mostly, but we also bike and walk.  Yesterday we walked and biked for about 3 hours.  We have the opportunity to give tons of blessings because we only have about 50 people in our branch.   We get fed really well. Our neighbor has stage four cancer and we go over there to do laundry and crap.   But it's pretty fun.  LOTS of people that have never heard of us, so we tract alot.  But relativity nice folk.
He also sent an email letter to Lauryn:
Hey Lauryn!  Wassup!?  I sure miss ya!  And wow - three months!?   I sure do miss dad, too! 
Haha the dogs out here in the sticks are pretty mean - they will bite anyone....ANYONE!  Too many of them...
How's mom!?  We have a family we are going to baptize already in a month!  Well stay strong Wittle Lauryn.  Remember.....stay strong and choose the right!
And an email to Grandma and Grandpa Neus:
It's a little different out here!  Our apartment is pretty sweet, though!   And yeah we get along.   I'm in the woods and forest, a little village called Trumansburg. The field is VERY WHITE AND READY TO HARVEST OUT HERE.   But yup, Tburg, we are right in the middle the finger lakes.  Our area is the closest to Palmyra.   And it's pretty chilly.   We have the largest area for two elders. 
Tell everyone I love em.  I love and miss you guys, too.  Peace  
I'm assuming I'll get a more detailed letter in the mail in a few days!  I hope so, anyway!