Monday, September 30, 2013

Mom -
Things are great!  Last week we went on companion exchanges with the zone leaders. It was pretty sweet. The branch presidency calls me Bishop Neus...they think I will be an Apostle someday... well that's what Brother Smith said.   I don't know, whatever.   But I am loving it!  We have a lot of baptisms coming up!   We found them, taught them, and are now baptizing them:)

We traveled down to Utica on Thursday night for training.  We stayed in the mission home.  I love everyone - especially the Zone Leaders and Elder Lewis and Elder Buck.  They are our homies.  We had chicken rigis at the mission home.  Best thing ever.  Anyway, we came home and the next day picked up 5 new investigators.  That doesn't happen too much out here.

 Yes mom, the apartment is clean.  What kind of apostate question is that!?  Well my camera is lost somewhere in the apartment...  I'll find it don't worry!

The people out here are sooooo weird - oh my gosh.  I have to head out.  I love you and know that the field is VERY white and already to harvest.  Dad is helping me out here!   I feel it every day. Love you sooo much.  And all the family - grandmas, grandpas, aunts, uncles and so forth.  
Elder Neus
p.s.   Send dad's mission journal

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