Monday, September 9, 2013

Week 2

Hunter sent a few pictures this morning.  These top three are from the MTC, and the ones at the bottom are from Trumansburg, NY.

Here is what some of his email said this morning:
I've mailed you a letter!  Here's just a quick update:  I'm out here in Tburg (Trumansburg).  Just Elder Koga and I.  He's so sweet!  I have a ton of pictures I need to send! Trumansburg is the most beautiful place!  It's super cold already.  I bought my jacket, coat and a pair of jeans this week.  We have the largest area in the mission.  Most of it is little towns and forests and farms!  And tons of deer.  We drive mostly, but we also bike and walk.  Yesterday we walked and biked for about 3 hours.  We have the opportunity to give tons of blessings because we only have about 50 people in our branch.   We get fed really well. Our neighbor has stage four cancer and we go over there to do laundry and crap.   But it's pretty fun.  LOTS of people that have never heard of us, so we tract alot.  But relativity nice folk.
He also sent an email letter to Lauryn:
Hey Lauryn!  Wassup!?  I sure miss ya!  And wow - three months!?   I sure do miss dad, too! 
Haha the dogs out here in the sticks are pretty mean - they will bite anyone....ANYONE!  Too many of them...
How's mom!?  We have a family we are going to baptize already in a month!  Well stay strong Wittle Lauryn.  Remember.....stay strong and choose the right!
And an email to Grandma and Grandpa Neus:
It's a little different out here!  Our apartment is pretty sweet, though!   And yeah we get along.   I'm in the woods and forest, a little village called Trumansburg. The field is VERY WHITE AND READY TO HARVEST OUT HERE.   But yup, Tburg, we are right in the middle the finger lakes.  Our area is the closest to Palmyra.   And it's pretty chilly.   We have the largest area for two elders. 
Tell everyone I love em.  I love and miss you guys, too.  Peace  
I'm assuming I'll get a more detailed letter in the mail in a few days!  I hope so, anyway!

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  1. So awesome! He looks great! And sounds even better! What a great Elder! Love him!