Wednesday, August 28, 2013

August 28, 2013

Hey Mom!

I hope YOU get this right away because I'm doing my clothes right now and there are computers down here.  Sooooo....what can I say..?   Last night we had a Tuesday night devotional and ELDER NEIL ANDERSON FROM THE TWELVE CAME!  IT WAS SO SICK!  But it was cool to see an apostle.  AND on Sunday night devotional we heard from Elder Bednar. This week has gone by so fast but it seems like I've been here forever.  The food is getting old. The district is doing good, though.  We are all totally best buds.  We are like family - just us elders and sisters.  But the newbies come in today hahaha.  So they will have the orange sticker on their name tags!

My testimony has grown so much since I've been here.  LIKE SO MUCH:)   Oh and I need a lot more money because at the airport you have to pay extra fees.  What else - oh yeah I miss all the girls.  How are they doing?  Are they doing good in school?  What about Grandmas and Grandpas?  Tell them I can't write them every night usually because I'm so dang tired.  But tell everyone to keep writing me because I love letters!  I've gotten like 18.  I'm in second place haha.   Sister Davis is in first with like 25 letters.   And oh crap forgot I have to eat so I'll email you in a sec - so like thirty minutes.
Elder Neus ''zeus" LIFE IS GREAT

So yeah, I'm back and my clothes are done.  But like I was saying, TELL EVERYONE TO WRITE ME!   SO.... but there is this kid named Elder Peterson and he is a real shy kid..and he's in  my district but he has no support back home.   He hasn't gotten one letter.   His mom and dad kicked him out cause they thought he was too stupid to go on a mission.   But Elder Pettet and I, and the sisters and elders are trying to give him the support he needs. 
So I'll just tell you the names of the sisters and elders - there is Elder Fulton and Elder Sedgwich. Elder Buck and Elder Peterson.  And sister Davis and Sister Nillson.  And Sister Smith and Sister Glochnour.  THEY ARE SO AWESOME!   But me and Elder Pettet are the best.  But it's so stressful sometimes.. like the branch presidency was talking about how we need to have more meetings and stuff but like we don't need to.   OH, and it was crazy like last night while we were at the Marriott Center we got rained out.  There was a huge rainstorm and we had to walk in it all the way back to the MTC.  So I gave one of the sisters in my district my suit coat so she wouldn't get soaked.  But yeah, there are things every day that we try to do that Christ would do.  So like we get sooooo many blessings.   It's crazy.   But I'll email you later today because I have to get ready to go the the temple.

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