Monday, December 16, 2013

It's been a while since I've updated Hunter's blog!  Here are a few excerpts from his past couple of letters...

We had a pretty tough week.  Our only progressing investigator keeps bailing on our set appointments.  It's really frustrating.  BUT HEY - she went to church this week!
So we were in Montour Falls and we were just walking to a potentials house and we felt the spirit prompt us to go in this retirement home where a member lives.  Her name is sister Jourdan. So we get her room number and walk down to find her.   We walk in her room and she says with her eyes full of tears, "THE ELDERS!"   So we sit down and talk to her a bit and she explains that she never gets visitors and this was really a treat for her. So she bears her testimony on the Atonement and the Plan of Salvation.   Then the dinner bell rings and she says she'll say a prayer and that prayer was one of the most spirit touching prayers of my life.  She said, "I am so very grateful for this visit and I will remember this experience for the rest of my life" and then we left.  We helped someone when they needed help.  That's what we are here to do!

hello hello hello!! 
Mom, I did get the shoes!  AWESOME.  Thank you.  I keep missing you guys and Dad - its hard... But I'll make it through.  How are the girls?  Hanging in there?  How are you?  I wonder if dad just sees us and laughs because we are all so worked up about family and crap.   Haha.  Actually, I know he is and wants us to just be happy.
That's GREAT what you guys did at the Cancer Center!!!  How were the patients?  HAPPY?   I bet they were!  Well get a Skype because that has been approved by President Wirthlin to Skype my family for Christmas!
Well here is some wise advice from President Wirthlin, SR. "Come what may and love it!"   That's like one of my top three most favorite quotes ever!   Read and listen to that talk. It will cheer you and the girls right up. 
Well love you all so, so, so much.  Dad is really watching over us.


Elder Neus
mmmm bye now
And here is a message I received from one of the members in Hunter's area...

Elder Neus is one of our missionaries, in fact, he just left to go to the Cornwells who live up behind us.   He is here every Monday and Thursday night.   He helped carry wood in for us last Thurs.   He is a really nice guy and is always willing to help everyone and to teach the gospel, wonderful.

Monday, we saw Elder Neus and he was in good spirits keeping quite busy, he spent Thanksgiving day with us, had a good meal. And yes, he got the drum stick, he says he always gets it at home, and it was our pleasure to let him have what he wanted. At times he seems somewhere else, I think with the Holidays he is missing home, that is only my observation tho, when I get back on my feet we'll try to make it more enjoyable season for both missionaries. I will also try to keep you up to date on how he is doing.

Elder Neus was here last night, he had supper at the Cornwells and then stopped here afterwards. He loves his new coat and it keeps him toasty warm. We had such a wonderful visit with these two young men. We shared stories about family and he is excited his sisters will perform for the prophet, that is some of the best news. We talked about the Indians out there in Arizona and the ones in California, it sounds like the battles never ended between the settlers and the Indians, lol.  Elder Neus and Koga took a 3 hour nap yesterday, I am glad they have been working so hard they were both exhausted. We have a wood stove and it is warm in our house, they come in the living room sit down and many a missionary have been noted to be so relaxed they sleep thru the visit. We just love having the missionaries in our home, will try to keep you up to date.
It sounds like Hunter is doing just fine and enjoying being a missionary!  We miss him but know he is where he is supposed to be right now.  We are so proud of him and the example he is setting for his sisters and all of his many younger cousins who want to be missionaries, also!