Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Week 3


The reason why I'm emailing you on a Tuesday is because we spent Sunday night in Owego with the Owego elders so we could make it to the Zone Training Meeting yesterday. So our p-day is today.

Trumansburg is the bomb!!! Sooooooo sweet! Our area has like three other towns/villages in it. We wake up to 32 degrees every morning :) but I love it. There are so many deer around. Kendyl sent me a package with water balloons (I do not know why), but we throw them at cats and deer when we want a break because they are always in our back yard, which is the forest. We have so much fun!

We are baptizing this family in a month! They are so perfect. I am so excited for them. And today is gonna rock! We are visiting our new investigators that we found on Sunday! The field is white and already to harvest out here in New York. But I'm not just going to plant seeds like everyone says - I'M GOING TO HARVEST THE CROP! BRING PEOPLE UNTO CHRIST!

I don't mind sending emails to everyone, but I hope they don't get offended if I don't answer them all. Its hard - but I try. And the girls better get asked to Homecoming! And it really doesn't surprise me that they failed their driver's permit tests! ;) Yeah...about the money... so first, I needed a handbag (not gay) because we are not allowed to have backpacks. And I also bought a USB drive for music because we have really nice cars that use those. I already have 1,000 songs haha!

So yeah LOVE ya! Tell everyone I love em too. (This dude just farted that's on the other computer next to me). But love you - stay strong. Dad is with us.




PS - AND I need a sweater for over my white shirt. Like a long sleeve one that you would see at church!

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