Thursday, March 26, 2015

March 17, 2015

Blacktism + Hit N' Run = typical week in the Cuse'


This week was a trip! We are having such a blast! 
We have been taking notes in our phone about what goes on in our week in South Side. 
Heres the list....

Jehova witnessed.
Elder Le Duc gets hit by car.
Seven year olds throw gang signs out of school bus.
Doug taught us how to shoot heroine.
Sister Solis gets bold an truthful.
Dino BBQ with sisters.
Frank Sanasis = prison time.
Wily the JW wit attitude and sas.
Veronica lost her V card at eleven and has been a prostitute for 16 years and has never picked up  any diseases.
Dougs dart gun.
BBQ jokes.
Sister Barkza shovels...POOP DAYYY.
Sister Barkza interpretes scriptures......not very good.
Sleep drunk sleepovers.
Pastor Yost baptism commitment.
Boiling water and dumping it in the font.
60 doughnuts for 4$.
Welcome to a baptism.
"Hold on! Can we watch this part of Bridesmaids?"

That is what happened this week. If you get offended by any of that......sorry.  

So yes, we had a baptism this week.  It was pretty hectic. The kid we dunked was nine years old and the baptism itself was super last minute. Elder LeDuc was was his first so it was kind out of control. He thought the ward would plan it....they didn't. SOOO I had to take control. His brother wanted to dip him so he did. It was so spiritual! In the middle of the talk on baptism I looked at the black board and it said " welcome to a baptism" It was pretty funny. Whoever wrote that obviously forgot Irics name haha.

And yes my companion got hit by a car:)

Elder Hunter Neus

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