Thursday, March 26, 2015

September 2, 2014

Hey mom! I KNOW dad greeted Uncle Terry at the veil....him and Grandpa Wilson. The Church is true. 

Johhny Lingo is so funny! I always say that line " Mohanna you UGLY!" If Lauryn finds me a wife tell her to find me a twenty cow wife...that's hot haha;) Transfers are coming up quick....pray for me please haha.. So here is a funny story from this week..

So Elder Buck always waits for the last minute to turn on his alarm so he can forget and he would have an excuse for sleeping in haha. So on Sunday night I couldn't sleep and I noticed his alarm off and at that moment a great idea popped in my head. So 15 minutes before we are supposed to wake up I grabbed his alarm and put it right next his his head then when back to bed. So 6:29 hits and his super loud alarm goes off. And he wakes up in a girlish scream and says "HELP ME!!!" and he looks at me with this most panicked look on his face hahahahahaha. SUCKER

That's pretty much my only funny story this week:( But oh well it makes my day thinking about it:) Well I love ya and know that I pray for you and the girls:) The church is true, the book is blue and Elder Buck screams like a girl:)

Love your son,
Elder Hunter Neus

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