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September 22, 2014

You knooooooooooooow...

"Keep moving. Only the Lord can compare crosses, but all crosses are easier to carry when we keep moving. Men finally climbed Mount Everest, not by standing at its base in consuming awe, but by shouldering their packs and by placing one foot in front of another. Feet are made to move forward—not backward!" -Neal A. Maxwell

MMMMMMMHEY people! How has your week been? Mine was great! Elder Buck and I have truly raised our vision.

Life has been tough the past transfer and a half. The Buck has really taught me how to be patient in all things. Why complain about your situation when you can change it by being humble, meek, submissive, and kind ?? I really hope I can get him motivated to do some work. He needs help with some things but he has some great potential. His memory is outstanding. He could really us that to his advantage. What a guy! I love em but sometimes I just want to Spartan kick him. Come what may.

We have been seeing a lot of solid less actives and are witnessing great success. They have born their testimony's to us and almost all of their hold backs are the branch presidency. They just don't really do anything. BUT we heard some shocking and great news this Sunday from our stake president. NEXT WEEK THEY ARE CALLING A NEW BRANCH PRESIDENCEY!! WOO HOO! It is a change that will help this branch truly grow and become a ward someday. We are so pumped!!

I hit my 13 month mark yesterday and I can't even describe how fast my mission is flying by. SOOOO CRAZY!

Well people God is good and so is life. Don't let the things that are going horribly in the world slow you down. Keep moving forward and build your strong foundation on Christ. Helaman 5:12.   You need to start somewhere:) I cant wait to see all of you when I get back. I'm not trunky but I cant wait for dry weather.

Oh yeah the leaves are starting to change and it is so pretty. I would attach pictures but my camera broke and is kinda unfixable:( eh

So I  love you all and please don't hesitate to write back I love all of your emails and letters:)

Elder Hunter Neus


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