Thursday, March 26, 2015

October 6, 2014

"Meet the Muslims...crap I mean Mormons"

God bless America! haha

mmmmm heeyyyyyyy

I'm going to just come out and say it.....CONFERENCE WAS SOOOOOOOO SWEEEEET!
 When you are on your mission watching General Conference is like going to Disneyland HOLY COW! 

Life is good here in Greenville. My companion might be a little frustrating at times but I think I'm getting used to him. You just got to look at all of their good traits:) So, we had a sweet exchange this week with Elder Jepsen and Elder Richins and let me tell you...IT WAS SICK! 
1.  I got a good break from "he that shall not be named in this email" and  2. I got to go to Schoharie! They have some awesome members and celestial apartment. OH and I got to be with sweet sweet Elder Richins. I love that guy! He looks like Mr. Bean and quite frankly acts kinda like him:) It was a blast. I got to hold some chicks pet hissing cockroach and I met this atheist guy who fed us wings. Then we ate at some restaurant called "Rubbin Butts"...the food tasted as good as the name. Not my favorite. But, a very interesting and fun exchange. Greenville is on fire and we are teaching some solid people. One of them is from Poland and can barely speak English. Blessings after blessings.

The church is true people! haha and If you haven't found that out yet....pray to know. Do you think God would lie to you? no...he wouldn't:)

I love you all and please read your scriptures:0

Elder Hunter Neus

This email was all over the place sorry if you get confused. It was very rushed due to the librarians. Bless em.

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