Thursday, March 26, 2015

January 5, 2015

" I will find you and I will kill you" - Taken 4 the Troy chronicles

Wow what an amazing week here in the Troylet! It seems like it just flew by. I have come to the conclusion that Elder Winkel is just like Toby from the Office and I am Michael. "If I was in a room with Osama Bin Laden, Hiltler, and Toby and had a gun with two bullets...I would shoot Toby twice."  haha  I probably butchered that but it's okay I haven't watched that in forever. ANYWAYSSSSS.....yeah it's not that bad he just has a couple of issues that I can't really help him 

On Tuesday the absolutely impossible happened...WE GOT FREAKIN KIDNAPPED!
So we are walking to one of the bus stops in Troy and we get there a we see a familiar face....JUSTICE....he's just some drunk transient vagabond who rapped to us about Jesus my first day here. We started talking for what it seemed like a split second and then he utters these profound  words "Rap to me SEXY WHITE BOY"...I then took a look around seeing maybe if he is talking to the other drunk guy taking a snooze on the near frozen pavement...but nay. He then repeats what he said earlier and this time punches me in the arm. Quite hard... So I told him to not touch me. He didn't like that. He then asked if I had met the pavement before... So we just try to ignore him.  So the bus arrives....TWENTY MINUTES LATE WHEN ITS 20 DEGREES OUT!!!!.......  So I will tell the rest of this story next email...we have an appointment real soon.

I love you all...CTR and keep on keepin on:)
Life is good:)

Elder Hunter Neus

mmmm bye nooooow

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