Thursday, March 26, 2015

December 22, 2014

"Merry Christmas to all dem baby mamas out der"

Yello Yello!

MERRY CHRISTMAS - HOLY COW IT'S HERE!  Man I can't believe its already that time of year again! I am so pumped to call home on Wednesday! Time flies when you're having fun.

This week went pretty well...we saw some dope miracles here in East Albany! But we also experienced some sketchy stuff.....

Elder Chambers and I were on exchange last Friday after zone conference (WHICH WAS FREAKING AMAZING) President Wirthlin is the man. So Elder Chambers and I are walking Troy that night and we stop by one of the scary bus stops where the crazies hang out and I see this dude just smoking a cigarette.  So i just ask him "Hey man can I share this sweet card with you?" and he goes " I AM NOT HOMELESS DO I LOOK HOMELESS TO YOU?" He did look a little homeless but we didn't even say anything about him not living in a home. So then I tell him "No man you look like you are just waiting for a bus but we are missionaries from out west and we share this very unique message about Jesus Christ that will bless your life!"  So he gives me this look like I just told him he looks like Pumba from Lion King and his daughter is fat and needs to lose weight. Like he looked super offended. But suddenly he looks at us with tears in his eyes and says softly and tenderly "I am Jesus Christ "........... so we, in unison say "What? Why are you in Troy????" He then just says he just broke up with his girlfriend and is trying to get away from his girlfriend and that he is on parole. Andre Gary is his name and Healing the sick and raising the dead is his game. Yeah his real name is Andre Gary...hopefully we can teach him...or maybe he could teach us?

The next day we are walking to this appointment in south Troy and we just here "HEEEEEEEEEELLLLLLLLLLLPPPPPPPPP" and we see this chick get snatched into this apartment by what it looked like a huge gorilla arm. So we rush across the street to save this lady from being killed....and the door flies open and this dude punches her in the face. Pretty hard might I add. And so we are just like adrenaline pumped monkeys at this point. And right away she pulls her hand all the way back and slaps him right across the face. This next part puzzles me. He then stops everything he is doing and puts this pathetic look an his he looked as if he didn't just hammer fist her face and she attacked him first. Then she goes "I SAW THAT TRASH WHITE GUUURL IN YO APARTMENT DON'T LIE TO ME D'ANDRE" So we leave....

I hope you all have a great Christmas! Remember the reason for the season. AND CTR! Don't let the materialistic part of the season control you. #heisthegift

Elder Neus

PS: If you want to Skype me get in contact with my mom:)))


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