Thursday, March 26, 2015

March 9, 2015

All about that Cuse' life.

Well brethren and sister..en.....

What a freakin weird week.

It was hard leaving Troy last Wednesday. I felt like a little part of me died. It was kinda sad. But yeah we left on Wednesday around 10 and made it to Utica around 12 o'clock.  I saw so many missionaries that I have never seen before. I felt so old. Then I saw the sisters that were in my MTC district give their departing testimonies :(  It was a really sad day. 

Anyways Elders Summers and I left a little early and headed for Syracuse and bumped to Mo Tab all the way there. CAN'T WAIT FOR NORMAL MUSIC!!! So we get to the Cuse' and all we see are black people & crack houses. LOVE IT!  We got to the ZL apartment and chilled for a bit before our companions got there and we went through most of their stuff. We sat for like an hour waiting for them.  Then I saw an angel walk through the door. That angels name is Elder LeDuc. He is so chill. It's only his 2nd transfer and he knows the work like the back of his hand. He is waiting for his visa to go to the Netherlands. He speaks Dutch really well and he looks like a politician. He has so much swag. Doesn't really need to be trained.

So our area is like Troy on crack....literally. All of our investigators are black humans (Shout out to Sister Wood) and they all are super solid. They might all have a bunch of problems but that's okay. One of our detectives has had SIX abortions and just went to jail yesterday for getting caught being a prostitute. Pray for her please haha.

We have slammed south side so hard the past couple days. Tomorrow we have all of our day planned out with appointments with people that we ran into the past couple days. We are tearing it up. Oh and district meeting is tomorrow. I will train on happiness and the light of Christ. CAN'T WAIT YO.
Well that's pretty much all folks. The Church is true and the book is blue and Elder Jepsen and I may or may not have kissed each other on the lips on accident @ transfers........

Love you all:)
With love,
Elder Neus

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