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August 11, 2014

Baptism + 50 people at church= Happy me!


So this week was so legit! We had a blast:) So on Tuesday we went to our investigator Henrietta's house up in the mountains with the senior couple the Jensens. We get there and talk about how she is progressing so much and she was just like, ''I'm ready to be baptized".  And so we ask her when because her date was all the way in October and she was like as soon as you can! Soooooo she came to the conclusion that she wants to be baptized in her personal lake on Saturday. We had to get permission  because we can't go into lakes and stuff and so we call Presidnet Wirthlin right then and there and all he said to Sister Jensen was "no way" haha.  So Henny proceeded to then take the phone and say " President Wirthlin why the heck am I not aloud to get baptized in my lake? I don't want to get baptized in some hole! Didn't John the baptist baptize Jesus outside? Tell me why I can't!" hahaha He started laughing and told us that WE couldn't do it but Elder Jensen can:) So it took a lot of planning and stuff but it happened and it was so special. It has been great to see her come this far:)))) Life is good...

Oh at church we had a record number of 50 people! I couldn't hold in my excitement! Pretty much all of the less actives we teach came to church and it was such great timing because they got to see Henny confirmed a member and they got to  RE-feel what it was like when the were confirmed:)

People this church is true! If you have any doubts just ask Heavenly Father and he will tell you it is true:) 2+2= 4

I love you all and hope you will have a safe and fun week! Coose the right and don't look back once you start plowin:)

Oh and if I have forgotten your birthdays...I AM SORRY! I'M ONLY HUMAN. I CAN'T REMEMBER EVERYTHING:(....;)

So these pictures are of HENNY and I and Brother Kruppenbacher and I:) He is he bee's knees and is 90 years old with a thick south Bronx accent! I LOVE EM.

oh and the view from the church



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