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November 17, 2014

Yo yo yo whaddup???? 

These past few weeks have been incredible! We have picked up so many solid investigators! Troy is seriously the promised land:) I will start this email with a couple of cool stories...

So it was my first day in Troy and my companion who is a little less than a transfer old, Elder Hawkes, and I were walking the slums of the inner city....and so yeah we were walking and we see this loud black lady across the street and the two Elders I was with just walked passed her. So I just say whats up and she goes " MMMMMM oh yeah mmmmmm come over here yeah you in dem glasses emmmm" So inimitably I just go "okay". So I say whats your name? And she goes " MY NAME IS STARR!!! S to da Tee to da double arrr! MM tell me mo bout your religion!" So I give her a resto pamphlet and she then proceeds to do a very provocative dance with it and kisses it. So I suggest at that point saying a she goes "OOOOOHHHHHHHHHH HECKKKKKK YES I LOVE GAWD". We say a prayer but right before that she looks at Elder Hawkes (he's a real goober) and says "BOI bow your head nah"  I say the prayer and right in the middle of it she yells at some of her friends across the street " YO NIGGAS WAIT UP".......and that was the end of it. So the next day we are riding on the bus and we had a prompting from the spirit to get off and walk the rest of the way to out apartment. So we get off and start walking and we hear someone scream " YOOOOOOMORMONS!" I look up and its S to the t to the double r. She comes up and we say a normal prayer and then she makes us give a round of applause for Jesus. Then we teach her a little bit and she said she wanted to come to church and then we left. The next day we are walking on the other side of town....Troy is huge btw.....and we see Starr just walking with her friends. So we go up and teach her the Restoration. We got her to church and no lie she is the most solid investigator ever! She went into the chapel right before sacrament meeting and said she felt the spirit so strong. She said she had been praying to God asking for help and guidance that first day we saw her. She said the opening prayer in Gospel principles, she hugged people in Relief Society and she also wanted a blessing. She is so sweet! Her husband died in a drive by shooting a couple of months ago and said she needs help. 

I have such a strong testimony on the power of conversion and how it applies to everyone. Starr is just one of the many people we have met here in Troy who has been prepared for this gospel.

Well I would tell you all the story of Justice "this aint no commercial" Lewis but I have no time whatsoever.....

I love you all and I hope you have such a good week. Pray for some spiritual experiences this week so that you can share those experiences with others. Count your blessings and keep the steak prime and mature.

Elder Neus

mmmmmmm bye now

OHHHHH and this is a story of Elder May and Elder Speakman and the crazy downtown Albany Elders......enjoy. And the pics are of Troy.

We had a funny experience that I'll spare some details on. While one exchange with the Assistant's this week, Elder Speakman got a phone call from a set of Elders who were asking for the phone number to call the apartment coordinator in the mission office. Since the mission office was closed, Elder Speakman asked what the problem was. The Elders responded that their toilet was broken, and after being asked to describe the toilet's malfunction they explained that the water would flush, but the "mess inside" remained wedged in place, firm in it's foundation. After stifling their laughter, Elder Speakman handed the phone to the Assistant, drawing on his priesthood leadership and expertise to best assist the poor, blessed missionaries. The proposed solution came; the Elders would take a wire hanger, bend it in half, and violently jab the "mess inside" until it went down. Hours went by and I called to follow-up on the commitment left. Unfortunately, a midst all efforts to reconcile their ill-fated toilet, all was in vain. The "mess inside" had merely disintegrated, leaving these Elders with a bigger mess and deeply lowered motivation and morale. Elder Speakman and I sighed and said we'd be there the next day to help. The next day we went over, and with the help of a 6-foot "snake" (which I had never used before), a little bit of elbow grease, and thankfully only a little bit of splash back, the job was completed and the toilet could breathe again. After cleaning the final remains of the devastation, Elder Speakman and I departed. 

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