Wednesday, July 16, 2014

June 30, 2014

Geez'em where do I begin. Well, first I don't have a lot of time. These library people are very stingy about their computers and hate us so yeah.

Greenville is soooooo sick! It is in the middle of the Catskill mountains! Very rugged and dark. It feels like I am in the deep dark forest of old communist Russia. Our apartment is in this Irish town where they have crazy weird Irish accents.....crazy stuff. And everyone in our branch has a thick New York accent. Pretty sweet. This is literally what our branch mission leader said to me when I first met him. "Neus? Neus huh? aye Mark you know a guy with the last name zeus right? what? You don't? eh what the hell"  hahaha now just picture that with a thick accent.

My companion is Elder Reyne :) haha he is the bees knees! He was very shy and timid at first but man he is awesome. He is from California and has red hair....yeah. He's sneaky small and smells like cabbage.

Well all we do is tract pretty much. Which I don't mind but it gets a little tedious. That's all missionaries have done here since the restoration of the Gospel Of Jesus Christ it seems like. But we have had good success. He just has a hard time being bold. But I don't :) It was hard for me at first but I have found it is absolutely necessary in missionary work. Like Elder Neal A. Maxwell said, "We need to use sweet boldness".

Well these ladies want me to get off so I will. They kind of remind me of those chicks in the movie Hercules that cut the cord of your life.....ugh depressing.

Well I better head off before they lynch me haha.
Choose the right, and trust in the Lord.

Love, Elder Neus

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