Wednesday, July 16, 2014

July 7, 2014

Birthday, fireworks, killer German shepherds, and black Jesus.

Yo Yo Yo what up Arizona and probably some other places around the world!?

This week was AMA ZA ZING! Greenville is on FIRE! well almost...We didn't have a ton of lessons but we found some sweet sweet people:)  And we definitely saw some miracles!:)

My birthday was this week! I turned the big 19. HOLY CRAP! Time seriously flies. We had a good birthday party after district meeting. The Jensons are so awesome! They do so much for us. Its kinda cool having a birthday on your mission. The whole day was just so fun.  I love Elder Reyne to death. Once he got out of his shell we just instantly hit it off. I push him to the limit sometimes but that's what makes it fun. He is super skidish! So one night this week our bedroom light just randomly started glitching out and looked super creepy. So Elder Rayne was in the bathroom and didn't know about it. So I turned all of the lights off except that one and just started knocking quietly on the bathroom door. He was something like" what do you want?" " HELLO?" So he got done and opened the door and saw me with a terrified look on my face. So I told him to shut up and be quiet and I yanked him by the shirt and moved his head toward our bed room. He freaked out and ran in the bathroom. His face turned so white and pale and then he asked me " dude what should we freaking do?" so I asked him if he has ever preformed a blessing on a home....hahaha then I just told him its the light and we need a new bulb and he just got so relieved. I think he was kind of mad but oh well we joke about it all the time:) I was thinking about taking him into the room and right when I walk in I would of faked a seizure hahaha but eh better not.

On the 4th of July we went to fireworks. The were okay. It was kind cold and stuff so not really the best night. Our branch mission leader and his wife took us. They are from Yonkers and they have the deepest accents ever. they always bicker when we are around its so funny. This was their argument after church yesterday
"You need to slow down Ray!" " You need to shaddup okay?" haha idk good times

Some dude from Grenada invited us in when we knocked on his door and tried to convince us that Jesus was black.... He was pretty convincing but it kinda made no since. He was really cool but he was a bit wacko. He drove a sick Audi though and makes a butt ton of money...I don't know how but I won't ask.

Oh yeah we almost got eaten by German shepherds but I will save that story for next week. These communist librarians want us to get off:( oh gotta love everyone.\

So yeah thank you for all the birthday wishes and mail and stuff. It really means a lot to me. Well LOVE YOU ALL
The church is true, the book is blue, and Jesus wasn't black:)

Elder Hunter Neus
mmmm bye nowwww

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